Sudhir Baldota



Sudhir has been practicing since 1991. He has studied and worked side by side with leading pioneers in the field of homeopathy— including Rajan Sankaran, Jayesh Shah, Sunil Anand, Nandita Shah and Jeremy Sherr.

He lectures at several schools and has given many inspiring seminars in Australia, Ireland, the UK, Holland, Germany, Israel, Slovakia and Canada. Sudhir is actively involved in teaching at the frequent international seminars, conferences and workshops in Mumbai.

Anyone who has had the privilege of studying with Sudhir has found him to be a very knowledgeable, inspiring and empowering teacher with a mischievous sense of humor and an overall lightheartedness that is a joy to experience when in his company.

Dr. Sudhir studied homoepathy at the V.Y.C.Homoeopathic Medical College Kolhapur Shivaji. He stood first at his final year of Academics in Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S) from Shivaji University in 1990.

He has been practicing classical homoeopathy for the past 15 years in Mumbai.

He is honored to have influential figures in homoeopathy as his teachers, homeopaths such as Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Jayesh Shah, Jeremy Sherr, Dr.Sunil Anand and Dr. Nandita Shah.

He is now amongst the team of six outstanding teachers who have been conducting provings, research , workshops and seminars in harmony. He has taken active participation in the foreign students courses organized by Dr.Sujit Chatterjee under the banner of Homoeopathic Research and Charities.

He is one of the Trustee to the Homoeopathic Research and Charities.

His serene presence is aptly reflected in his teachings during all his seminars and workshops. He has taught at seminars, workshops and conferences in Ireland,UK, Czechoslovakia, Israel, Holland, Germany, and Canada and also contributed cases at The Millennium Seminar and Video Courses.

"Dr. Sudhir Baldota is a valued colleague of mine, a part of our core group in Mumbai for several years.

"His foundations are solid, his cases are exemplary, his patience and persistence mark his cases and it is a treat to watch the inner story of the case reveal itself in the videos and teach us not only the art of case taking but also a lot about the kingdoms, miasms and the remedies.

"His cases are such that we all in Mumbai learn from. I have no heistation in very highly recommending his seminars to all serious students and practitioners of the healing art."

— Rajan Sankaran

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