Can Knowledge of Small Remedies Really Make a Difference in Practice?

with Kim Elia

Kim shares his experience using lesser known remedies that are essential for a successful Homeopathic practice. He presents a case of a 15-year-old boy that was solved with a surprising remedy.

In the tradition of 'teaching a person to fish', he will show you the process by which he arrived at that remedy.



ACHENA Approved for 7 Hours Category 1

Join Kim Elia as he explores a collection of lesser-known remedies which, though not well represented in our literature, are still extremely valuable in the course of clinical practice. Prescriptions requiring the use of lesser-known remedies are oftentimes not fully considered. This course aims to give both the student and practitioner the skills necessary to recognize the need for these remedies as well as how to effectively study, compare and contrast lesser-known remedies with our better-known polycrests.

In the course of working through numerous cases, and describing these remedies in close detail, Kim will look into some commonly-asked and seldom adequately answered questions, such as:

  • What is a lesser-known remedy and what makes it so?
  • Why are some remedies so poorly known, while others grow to the status of a polycrest?
  • Why might we wish to consider a lesser-known remedy for a case, when it appears that a polycrest might do?
  • Some remedies appear to be “large” in the context of specific pathologies (e.g., physical trauma) or localities (e.g., “bladder remedies”), while remaining “poorly” represented in a more general context - is it realistic to characterize remedies in this way?
  • Can we recognize features in a case which might suggest that it is calling for a lesser-known remedy?
  • How might we organize and examine our analysis, to best bring out a lesser-known remedy, when one is appropriate to the case?
  • How can we best recognize the significance of a lesser-known remedy showing up in an analysis?
  • What are some effective ways to study a lesser-known remedy in comparison with other remedies, including those “larger,” better-known remedies with which it might be confused?

Some of the Remedies that will be discussed in this course include:

Agraphis nutans, Aristolochia clematitis, Asteria rubens, Aurum iodatum, Ceanothus americanus, Cerastes cerastes, Derris pinnata, Mancinella, Melilotus officinalis, Oxalicum acidum, Ratanhia peruviana, Solanum tuberosum aegrotans, Thea chinensis and many more.

During this course, Kim will address all of these questions and more.



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ABOUT Kim Elia

Students from around the world have expressed appreciation and admiration for Kim's superb knowledge of the history of homeopathy, his deep understanding of homeopathic prescribing, and his extensive knowledge of materia medica. He is known for his dynamic and distinctive teaching methods which reflect his immense knowledge of the remedies and his genuine desire to educate everyone about this affordable and effective healing modality.

ABOUT Kim Elia

Students from around the world have expressed appreciation and admiration for Kim's superb knowledge of the history of homeopathy, his deep understanding of homeopathic prescribing, and his extensive knowledge of materia medica. He is known for his dynamic and distinctive teaching methods which reflect his immense knowledge of the remedies and his genuine desire to educate everyone about this affordable and effective healing modality.


You haven't lived until you have had the enormous pleasure of experiencing Kim Elia's teaching. With his dynamic, entertaining, engaging and up-beat style, Kim taps into his vast knowledge to bring remedies to life, forging an indelible impression. Kim is the perfect storm of whirlwind energy, masterful understanding and lightning perception - all to regale you with the kind of learning experience that lasts forever. 

— Frans Vermeulen an...

Kim Elia is one of our most outstanding teachers and exponents of Homeopathy. His knowledge of the Synthesis Repertory, and Repertories in general, as well as his knowledge of the Organon, Chronic Diseases, Materia Medica, and the history of Homeopathy is superb. Through his insights into past Homeopathic masters and their teachings, and his deep understanding of homeopathic prescribing, Kim has demonstrated a general mastery over our vast homeopathic literature. I am thrilled to be learning from Kim, and I am gaining from his vast experience that he presents so succinctly, lucidly, and clearly. I look forward to future courses with him.

— Ahmed N Currim, Ph...

Every time I hear Kim teach, I say to myself: ‘What a dynamic teacher!’ He has prepared his material so very well and offers it with such clarity, with a waterfall of questions that demand that the student actually think about the issues being discussed. No doubt that anyone participating in such a high caliber teaching session will walk out refreshed and, most of all, significantly more knowledgeable!

— Frederik Schroyens...

It is a great pleasure and honour to recommend Kim Elia. Kim brings to homoeopathy a unique knowledge of materia medica, repertories and advanced case analysis. His friendly nature and clear step by step explanation of deeper issues in homeopathic practice clearly show his genuine desire to help the person in front of him. Anybody who has heard Kim once would certainly want to hear him again and again. I have learned many things from Kim, and indeed, through his long career as a teacher in North America, Kim has cultivated a vast knowledge from which many others will be able to learn also."

— Farokh Master, MD,...

It is a rare constellation of qualities to find an educator in homeopathy who is collaborative, as well as both insightful and inspirational. Kim has all of these and more. He has a humility that belies a deep well of knowledge. At a time when there is much that is speculative and guesswork in homeopathic education Kim is able to ground his work in excellent theory and convincing cases. But as well as his case work, Kim's strength is his materia medica and students the world over have benefited from his seminars and webinars on our remedy indications often utilising the best of the latest technology. He is not just a true teacher of the art and science of homeopathy, he is also very, very funny. You just have to attend. Cheers.

— Alastair Gray, PhD

Kim Elia is perhaps the most widely traveled homeopath in the world. In the process he has acquired discrimination. He knows good homeopathy and not so good, good teachers and charlatans. He is rooted in the Organon and is a master of repertory. He knows how to access the world literature on homeopathy rapidly and with tremendous insight. If he does not have a case illustrating a certain remedy from his own extensive practice, he knows where to find an excellent one from the literature. He teaches with great enthusiasm and humor. There are only a handful of teachers in the homeopathic community of his caliber.


— Karl Robinson, MD

Kim Elia is one of our most exciting and dynamic homoeopathy teachers. He is a literal wealth of information, not only homoeopathic philosophy and practice but in the historical sequences that created homoeopathy. Highly recommended.

— Jeremy Sherr

In his teaching Kim is true to the three letters in his name: Embedded in an atmosphere of vigour and animation, Kim’s presenting style is


The three together spell excellence in the teaching of homeopathy.

— Frans Vermeulen

I am on lecture 2 of your History course. I have not felt such excitement from a course in recent memory! This is so captivating and rich I can't wait to get through all the classes! I sincerely believe that this course should be required for all students of Homœopathy (and one day, God willing, all students of allopathic medicine). Thank you so much for offering this to me. It is a work of art.

— Douglas Falkner, M...



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