Homeopathy Around The World

Making a Difference: Homeopathy Around The World
— A Captivating Film Odyssey!

Phylis Wambaire, Kenyan homeopath
Kenya: Phylis Wambaire, Kenyan homeopath, with her new RADAR program

Our shared vision of global homeopathy is
becoming a reality
. Right here and right now!

Join homeopath and filmmaker Carol Boyce (bio) as she acquaints us with some of the many homeopathic projects around the globe:

  • from the training of young orphan women as homeopathic nurses in Kenya, to ground breaking research in Cuba
  • from responding to the trauma of Haiti's earthquake, to those working with the epidemics of Africa
The best part of making this video montage has been discovering just how much valuable work is being done in all corners of the world.
The hardest part – technical challenges aside – has been the constraint of length and having to decide which projects must be left out.
Carol Boyce, Filmmaker

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In this DVD you'll see projects, often driven by a single inspired individual, where homeopathy is making a real and quantifiable difference to lives across the planet.
All profits from the sale of this DVD go directly to
support the projects portrayed in the DVD.

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Global Photo Gallery

Homeopathic projects highlighted in this DVD include those in Cuba, Mexico, Haiti, Nepal, UK, and various African countries: Ghana, Benin, Kenya, Swaziland, Tanzania. Other projects mentioned are in India, the Solomon Islands, Malawi, and more!

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Homeopaths Without Borders, US - teaching in a Santiago De Cuba medical school

A new project of Homeopaths Without Borders, Switzerland


The Mobile Clinic project in Calcutta

Homeopathy outreach clinic in Kenya

Homeopathy outreach in Kenya

Outside the homeopathy clinic in Malawi



Solomon Islands


Holding a consultation in a small village

Travelling Homeopaths Collective celebrates its 22nd year on the road.

Learn More & Offer Support

To learn more about individual projects as well as how to
support them, click on any of the country links below:

Benin Ghana Haiti India Kenya
Mexico Nepal Swaziland Tanzania UK

Links to Additional Projects

  1. Botswana - The Maun Homeopathy Project
  2. Egypt - The Holistic and Homeopathic Resource Centre, Cairo
  3. Gambia - Homeopathes Autour du Monde, Gambia Project
  4. Haiti - Homeopaths Without Borders North America
  5. India - OM Creations Trust Medicare Clinic
  6. Kenya - The AIDS Remedy Fund Iquilai
  7. Malawi - The Eva de Maya Project
  8. Swazliand - The Shewula Health Integration Project
  9. UK - Crossroads Women's Project
  10. US - The Sidewalk Clinic, Boston

See more of Carol Boyce's work at www.SomethingToSayProductions.com or sample her online course in homeopathic philosophy at www.Homeoversity.com

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All profits from the sale of this DVD will be donated to the
various homeopathic projects who contributed media to this montage.

The Video Premiere:
Homeopathy Around the World
by Carol Boyce, CCH, RSHom(NA)

The following is a reprint of an article the which appeared in the Spring 2011 issue of Homeopathy Today. To become a member of the National Center for Homeopathy and receive Homeopathy Today regularly, go to: www.nationalcenterforhomeopathy.org

A Toast to Homeopaths in the Trenches!

by Carol Boyce, CCH, RSHom(NA)

April 2011's Homeopathy Meets the World conference offers the perfect venue for premiering my newest video, Homeopathy Around the World. The video is a multimedia salute to the accomplishments of homeopathy "in the trenches," capturing and amplifying the spirit of this unique conference, and furthering the use of new technologies at the conference — and beyond!

We are part of a global homeopathic family. In many areas of the world, homeopathy is an integral part of the healthcare system: in India, Cuba, and Brazil. In other places, like Africa, where connecting mind, body, and soul comes naturally, homeopathy perfectly matches the intrinsic worldview.

Taking stock of just how far homeopathy has spread in the last 25 years and looking at the incredible work being done across the world — with little or no resources apart from the devotion of the clinicians and teachers — is truly food for our collective "homeopathic soul." We are not isolated after all: Homeopathy Around the World offers a tasty and nourishing reminder of that truth!

Global Family & Homecoming
When I was asked to produce this video montage, it was a little like coming home. I've established and worked on dozens of far-flung homeopathy projects worldwide, one of which is still busy almost 25 years later.

After my maverick days, spent taking homeopathy to places like Iraq after the first Gulf War, I co-founded the organization that became the UK arm of the European Federation of Homeopaths Without Borders. We ran clinical and training projects on four continents, helped train the founders of the Egyptian Society of Homeopaths, and ran drug and alcohol recovery projects much closer to home.

More recently as part of Homeopaths Without Borders-North America (HWB-NA), I taught in medical schools in Cuba.

Adjoa Maragaret Stack administering a remedy in GhanaGhana: Adjoa Margaret Stack,
founder of the Senya/Tamale homeopathy
project, dispenses a remedy to a patient

Production of this video is like checking in on old friends and making new ones, while getting my Tuberculinum juices vicariously flowing — if indeed they needed any encouragement after spending last summer in Africa with my cameras.There are so many projects to be marked on the global homeopathic map!

We have projects focused on specific diseases like AIDs and malaria; specific groups like orphans and mothers and infants; and general clinics in rural communities, isolated villages, and urban centers.

Some actively recruit volunteers as a crucial part of the work force. In return, volunteers receive a life-changing experience and an education that's simply not available in college or daily practice.

These homeopaths are our unsung heroes — some in their home countries and some who have relocated to start anew far from home. We find them venturing into new homeopathic territory, setting up a table and chair under the tree and waiting for the patients to arrive. And arrive they do... a tiny buzz that grows into a song that soon spreads like a chorus through the community, and into local and eventually national governments.

That's how homeopathy has become incorporated into the health systems of countries on all continents. It's how HWB-NA jumped into the fray of Haiti's earthquake and is building a patient and practitioner base there. It's how projects build sustainability by training local homeopaths to spread the work.

A Smile and a Toast
Despite all the current turmoil in our world, we can smile knowing that Hahnemann has been right about so many things. As the father of experimental pharmacology, he developed provings — the first double blind drug trials. He developed the well-tested and increasingly useful genus epidemicus model, which has proven so vital in the developing world.

With his theory of miasms and the concept of predisposition, he saw what the new science of epigenetics has only just discovered: that genetics are not fixed, but are malleable and respond to environment, to life traumas and, in the case of homeopathic treatment, to miasmatic prescribing.

We have many millions of cured cases — solid clinical evidence that cannot be dismissed by redefining "anecdotal." We can be confident in what we do, in who we are, and in the very real and positive impact that homeopathy is having around the globe.

I hope to see you at the conference, and to share Homeopathy Around the World as a toast to those in the homeopathic trenches who lift our hearts! Our shared vision of global homeopathy is becoming a reality, right here and right now in our lifetime.

More About The Author

Carol Boyce, CCH, RSHom(NA), was in the middle of writing her PhD thesis at London University when she found The Life of Hahnemann on a library shelf, and the rest, as they say, is history. She has practiced and taught homeopathy for 25 years. See more of Carol's work online at www.SomethingToSayProductions.com

Carol's homeopathic philosophy course, guaranteed "to make you fall in love with The Organon!" and worth 70 CCH hours is at her Internet School of Carol Boyce: (scroll down to Carol's school.) Homeoversity

Order your copy of Homeopathy Around the World Now!

DVD - including shipping within the US


DVD - including shipping outside the US


All profits from the sale of this DVD will be donated to the
various homeopathic projects who contributed media to this montage.