Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy

The Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy offers a four-year training program in classical homeopathy. Classes meet once pre month over a four day weekend -- Thursday through Sunday in the first two didactic years -- and Saturday through Tuesday in the last two clinical years.

The NAH is located between Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota on the East Bank Campus of the University of Minnesota. The School Clinic is in Edina, Minnesota--a near western suburb of Minneapolis.

The mission of the NAH is to train excellent homeopaths and their program is dedicated to supporting each individual student to become the best homeopath possible.

Both unlicensed and medically licensed applicants are encouraged to apply. There are no specific prerequisites as they teach all of the natural and clinical sciences within the framework of the program.

While they prefer applicants who have received at least a baccalaureate degree, an individual's passion for homeopathy is the most important qualification for admission to their program.

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