Manitoba College of Homeopathic Medicine

The MCHM was founded in the spring of 2001. The College is based on a commitment not only to Homeopathy, but also to its students and its alumni, as well as to the whole of the homeopathic community.

The Manitoba College of Homeopathic Medicine seeks to educate students in the knowledge of Classical Homeopathy. It is committed to providing a solid foundation in the Basic and Medical Sciences, and the Philosophy of Homeopathic Medicine, so graduates can be effective contributors to humanity.

The MCHM offers a 4-year program in Homeopathic Medicine, leading to a Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine (DHM) diploma. The program includes theoretical and clinical components, both of which must be successfully completed before graduation.

The theoretical components cover the Basic and Medical sciences, and Homeopathy, all of which are taught by qualified professionals.

The clinical component is an integral part of the program. It provides practical opportunities for students to observe and treat patients in the College's clinic, under supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Where possible, opportunities are provided for visiting professionals to provide clinical teaching sessions, and students to visit other clinics.

Formal presentations will be held during the year when 4th year students present cases. All students are expected to attend these sessions, and the sessions will also be open to homeopathic practitioners, Board Members and invited guests.

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The Manitoba College of Homeopathic Medicine is currently closed. For more information on homeopathy in Manitoba, contact the Manitoba Homeopathic Association: