School of Homeopathy USA

The School has a strong community in the US, with students in 45 states. We brought our study course to the US in 1987, and have been providing homeopathic education to US students for over 20 years!

Our course combines the flexibility of home study with the rigorous training needed to become a successful homeopathic practitioner. That’s because we blend in-depth independent work with hands on, face-to-face training through regional seminars, clinical workshops and a clinical supervision process. Regional study groups also provide community and support to your independent work.

The School of Homeopathy is accredited by the Society of Homeopaths in the UK, so you are assured of an in-depth, quality program. Once you have qualified, you will be a confident, competent homeopath who can go out there, roll up your sleeves, and get to work helping people at the core level of their illness.

Our flexible approach means that you can begin your study with the program at anytime, choose when and where you study, and to what level. You can even 'port' the course from one country to another; and you have an open invitation to attend classes and clinics at our home base in England.

All this adds up to making our course the most in-depth and flexible program available. Read on and see why so many have trained with us.

Our program progresses through four levels (see the courses section of the site for more detail). For those that wish to practice homeopathy we offer our highest Certification the School of Homeopathy’s Practitioners Diploma, this course consists of:

Time: 3/4 Year period (flexible)
Study: Homeopathy Units 1 – 18
Audio recording: 96 CD’s, 150 lectures
Seminar attendance: 3 x 3 days with senior UK lecturers at US locations
Clinical Observation & Practice: 2 x 7 Day Workshops and/or Summer School (100 hours)
Clinical Supervision: 10 cases with 2 follow-ups each
Medical Science: Anatomy & Physiology and Pathology & Disease (sold as separate courses)

Course Overview

Each year of the course is divided into easy to manage Units, which you study whilst listening to the CD lectures from the School and reading the specially selected books. The CD recordings bring the best of the classroom teachings to you at home.

You get numerous CDs of patient cases with discussions as well as generous amounts of supporting information, examples of student work and model answers.

During the course you are guided through the topics by reference to books and supporting explanations, descriptions, and diagrams. You are able to check your progress and reinforce your learning through self-assessment questions and model answers.

At the end of each Unit you write up your assessments and then send them off to your personal tutor. All our tutors are highly skilled mentors and experienced professional homeopaths. Most of them studied with us at the School of Homeopathy.

Each course is accompanied by a book list that is essential reading for your study. We offer these books with a 15% discount through Alternative Training or you can purchase them from US suppliers.

Two CD sets are available in the WHN Bookstore featuring Misha Norland and other instructors from The Homeopathy School, Devon:

Mixed Flavors - Mappa Mundi (5-CD Set)
Mixed Flavors - Materia Medica (5-CD Set)

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