School of Homeopathy, New York

The School of Homeopathy, New York, founded in 1996, is a sister school of the Devon School in England.

The School's mission is to educate professional homeopaths. The students who chose this school understand that effective practice requires a serious investment of time spent studying a comprehensive, integrated curriculum with an experienced faculty.

This program rewards its graduates with the confidence that arises from having successfully completed a mature program, including clinical training and supervision. The four year curriculum is designed to serve serious students of homeopathy who will practice professionally.

The School offers one of the most respected curricula in the world, a program proven by 18 years experience teaching in the U.K., a country with an unbroken tradition of independent homeopathic practice.

The core teaching faculty is very well educated and experienced. All were trained in full programs in England or India, and they bring over 100 years of practice experience and over 75 years of teaching experience to the classroom.

This program integrates a course in Homeotherapeutics, synthesizing homeopathic concepts of health and disease (remedy pictures) with allopathic concepts of health and disease (pathology) from a homeopathic perspective that is indispensable for students with or without prior medical training.

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