The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine

The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) offers a comprehensive part-time 3-year diploma program in Homeopathy, Medical Sciences and Nutrition, with In-Class and Distance Education options. In September 2011, they will expand their Clinical Internship program to include training and mentorship in our affiliate multidisciplinary Clinic 'Blueprint Wholistic Health', launching in April.

CCHM will continue to invest in innovation, partnering with the finest faculty and embracing new technology to better meet the demands of our students. We invite you to visit to register via email for a special invitation to our website launch coming soon.

The school was founded in 1994 as the Toronto School of Homeopathic Medicine (THSM) and is the oldest homeopathic college in Canada. The school's professional training program is based on classical homeopathic principles discovered and developed by Samuel Hahnemann as described in his 'Organon of Medicine'. They emphasize clinical ability in a creative and supportive environment.

The supervised training clinic is open to the public, offering high-quality treatment at reduced rates. The emphasis in all of their programs is on clinical proficiency. CCHM offers one of the most extensive training available in North America with 1250+ hours of clinical exposure and thorough assessment and supervision. The aim is to promote the cause of classical homeopathy as a primary method for healing the sick.

To ensure an exceptional standard of training, CCHM offers intensive, specialized programs in homeopathic medicine. In order for the homeopathic profession to continue to thrive in North America, only the very highest standards of education and training will suffice. The Canadian College of Homeopathy strives to maintain these standards of excellence.

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