Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy

Founded in 2008, the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy offers a three-year course in Homeopathic Healing. The school offers a unique program in two ways - first, students are offered a classically based curriculum centered around skills attainment, case-taking, reportization, philosophy and critical thinking. Next students are given the opportunity to embark on their own healing journey in order to develop greater self awareness and freedom on all levels of being.

This unique training system allows students to sustain the work of homeopathic healing while finding joy and sustenance in it. The investment of the faculty and students creates an atmosphere of growth, spiritual nourishment and wholeness for all those involved in the healing practice.

Students and teachers at the Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy meet as equals in the training process exhibiting compassion and respect for each other's spirits and knowledge. This creates a model for future healing encounters where client and practitioner also meet as equals.

Teaching and learning experiences will include lectures, discussions, the sharing of individual experiences of study and insights of our work together in small and large groups, provings of remedies, modeling and practicing exercies, quizzes, essays and participation in clinic.

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