Alternative Training

If you're looking for a new sense of inspiration, want to help your family and others, fancy a change in career (want to be your own boss), or perhaps have just had enough of orthodox medicine, then our home study courses are for you.

Established in 1987, over 8,000 students have taken our courses in over 50 countries. It is our passion for advancing and spreading alternative medicine to the very highest level that have made our programmes so well known and accepted. We offer:

Three home study medical science courses:

Anatomy & Physiology Course
Pathology & Disease Course
Nutrition Course

Four home study homeopathy courses:

Homeopathy Taster Course
1 Year : Homeopathy Foundation Course
2 Year : Homeopathy Introduction into Practice Course
4 Year : Homeopathy Practitioner Diploma Course

When you enroll on one of our distance learning courses you will be joining a worldwide family of students, colleges and practitioners working together to make life healthier. We take personal pride in our service because it is dedicated to your development as a healer and your success in practice.

We hope you choose to join us and we look forward to accompanying you on your journey of discovery and healing.

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Betsy Levine
T: (866) 424-8783 Toll-free
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