ReferenceWorks is a rich, revolutionary analysis system based on a huge library of more than 850 volumes of materia medica: from old, rare journals to the latest materials and provings and everything in between. It is a groundbreaking program that combines the completeness of a huge materia medica library with the ease and analysis power of a repertorial program.

ReferenceWorks is very easy to use – browse in and out with a mouse click within hundreds of books with information of well over 3,000 remedies; use your patient's words to instantly find any word or sentence hiding in the large library; create super-rubrics out of your search results and display these results graphically in more than 100 remedy and family graphs. ReferenceWorks enables you to expand the existing database in the program through a variety of online searches.

Solving your most difficult cases couldn't be easier with the power and agility of ReferenceWorks!



Mac & Windows Compatibility

Full compatibility with Mac OSX 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9 and Windows 7 and 8. Now fully downloadable via Internet.


User friendly and easy to use.

Browse in the Library

Explore the largest homeopathic library ever created. Browse through a variety of books & remedies with a click.

Going Into the World

Search the Internet for additional information.

Finding What You Need

Type in a word or phrase and instantly find the exact symptom you need.

Knowing What to Ask

We help you use the correct words in order to find exactly what you need.

Analyze with the Masters

Display graphic results and suggestions according to the masters' experience.

Focus on What Matters

Search in focused book types; limit your results into certain families and groups.

Extending Families

Use the methods and groups of the modern masters to analyze your case or even create your own.

Promoting Strong Family Values

Focus your analysis on certain remedies and families.

Mapping the World

We have created a hundred beautiful graphs to illuminate the families.


Communicate with MacRepertory program to improve your case analysis.

Match it to your own needs

Create new analysis strategies, design your own graphs, define your own family groups and add your own materials, notes and books to the library.


ReferenceWorks' Libraries

ReferenceWorks' library is a trove of valuable, and often rare treasures. With extractions from ten repertories, information from 3,500 provings, scores of rare, out-of-print books, dozens of collections of cured cases and 10,000 articles from more than a hundred journals – in all, over 70,000 remedy descriptions – you will be able to find any symptom no matter where it may be within over 850 volumes of the world's greatest books on homeopathy.

There is everything from the Brazilian jungle remedies of Mure to the bowel nosodes of Paterson; from Hamilton's natural history of plants to Leeser's original work on minerals; from the childhood remedies of Frishmuth, Borland and Burnett to the end-of-life prescribing of Grimmer and Dunham.

Explore the original provings of Belladonna, Bellis Perennis and Lac Caninum by Hahnemann, Stephenson and Swan to exciting new provings of Mosquito, Red-Tailed Hawk and Alligator by Sunil Anand, Jonathan Shore and Todd Rowe.

Survey Massimo Mangialavori's 9,000 remedy additions from his cured cases to 8,000 additions from classical sources collected by Andre Saine.

Reference the monumental repertories of Boenninghausen, Kent and Knerr to the succinct remedy descriptions of Boericke, Boger and Morrison.

Consult the wisest of the old authors (Allen, Boenninghausen, Boericke, Boger, Borland, Clarke, Dunham, Farrington, Hahnemann, Hering, Jahr, Knerr, Lippe, Nash, Phatak, Swan, Tyler, etc.) to the most brilliant of the new (Klein, Mangialavori, Morrison, Moskowitz, Sankaran, Schadde, Scholten, Shah, Shore, Ullman, Vermeulen, Whitmont, van Zandvoort, etc.).

Moreover, you can add your own texts to the huge library - summaries from seminars and classes, helpful hints, clinical additions from your own experience and so on. Simply convert these to a certain text format and increase your own homeopathic database. You can even share these additions with your colleagues!


ReferenceWorks is an amazing tool. At the Hahnemann Institute we find it so simple and efficient that it encourages silence, amusement and creativity during the interview while enabling us to find our patient in the prover's words.
- Alize Timmerman, ND
ReferenceWorks dishes out an incredible amount of knowledge in a very friendly way. The program has been of immense help in our work with Minerals, Imponderables and Nosodes. It should be a must-have for every homeopath.
- Bhawisha Joshi, MD
Our foundation came when Hahnemann revealed nature through provings. Our structure came with the repertories. With ReferenceWorks we have a full house of homeopaths, a library and a creative studio to perform the art and science of homeopathy
- Andreas N. Bjorendal, NAN MNHL
Easy access, a rich variety of search options and a huge bank of information – all packed in one amazing program. Whether it is my daily practice in the clinic or finding some rare information for research, ReferenceWorks has never let me down.
- Shachindra Joshi, MD