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"I'm absolutely elated with the new Families features in RADAR 10. The Families Selection Window provides easy and clear access to the multiple ways a remedy can be classified - great flexibility to examine the many relationships between remedies."

"One of my favorite features is the ability to find synonymous or related rubrics directly from the repertorization chart. And with the new analysis graphs, RADAR's power is matched by an equal prettiness of display."

"All this is backed with the reliability and comprehensiveness of the Synthesis 9.2 'Treasure' Repertory ... and Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook ... the Vithoulkas Expert System ... the Herscu Cycles & Segments Module ... It just doesn't get any better than this."

Will Taylor, MD
Chair, Homeopathy Department
National College of Naturopathic Medicine

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RADAR set the standard for homeopathy software, and now the best is even better. The arrival of RADAR 10 brings major new features and a host of streamlined advances that take homeopathic software to a new level of excellence


The foundation of RADAR 10 is the new Synthesis 9.2 Repertory database. It's one of 20 repertories you can access with the program. And now you have the ability to search through all Repertories simultaneously.

This means you can combine vital information from any repertories that you choose. Homeopaths who have used RADAR's combined repertories in their practice report increased success, solving cases that they weren't able to before.


With RADAR 10, you can now find synonymous or related rubrics directly from the repertorization chart. In fact, the whole program has gone through a dramatic usability enhancement.

Operations that required several screens in previous versions are now available to you from just one place, with a single click. You can even get immediate tool tip help with a simple touch of your mouse.


Your searches now return results even faster than before, and the user interface is beautifully improved with new Analysis graphs and Clipboard windows.

In fact, the program now offers total integration between Clipboard and Analysis. And Analysis is even further expanded by the addition of Families, Miasmatic, Boenninghausen's Concordances and Relationship of Remedy functions.

"RADAR 10 is fantastic. I congratulate you on a wonderful program with so many exciting features and a fresh new look. But the best thing is the new repertories."

"Using the Synthesis Repertory side by side with other repertories is a dream come true. Now we have the freedom to compare and choose from all the available homoeopathic data."

Jeremy Sherr, RSHom

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RADAR Testimonials

"A beginner, a professional, or a homeopathic scholar will never be disappointed. I recommend this program to every practitioner who wants to have the best results in their practice." Read more
Luc De Schepper MD
Author, Homeopathy Revisited
Director, Renaissance School of Homeopathy

"I can create a repertory that matches my exacting standards for additions and grading. This is the way homeopathy was meant to be practiced!" Read more
Stephen A. Messer ND, DHANP
Dolisos Chair of Homeopathy
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine

"RADAR has taken a quantum leap, providing more flexibility in searching repertories and materia medicas. Without it, the search for the simillimum feels more like a search for the Holy Grail." Read more
Nadia Bakir B.SC, ND, FCAH, DHANP
Department Head, Homeopathic Medicine
The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

"The National College of Naturopathic Medicine has chosen RADAR as our primary educational software. RADAR's user friendliness makes it a valuable asset." Read more
Chris D. Meletis ND
Chief Medical Officer
National College of Naturopathic Medicine

"RADAR has included a simple way to include only those authors the prescriber deems reliable. This is essential to accuracy in prescribing." Read more
Barbara Osawa

"I changed to RADAR after becoming convinced of its superior speed and power. The most reliable program to use in a clinical setting." Read more 
Paul Bahder M.D. RSHom

"I am mostly using RADAR. I am extremely pleased with it." Read more
Richard Pitt RSHom CCH
Pacific Academy of Homeopathic Medicine

"A wonderful working and learning tool. Race around the repertory and access really useful cross-references." Read more
Misha Norland
Principal of the School of Homoeopathy
Uffculme, Devon, England

"I am extremely impressed with the intelligent programming of RADAR and the excellent training." Read more
Jane Cicchetti RS Hom, (NA)
Five Element School of Homeopathy

"I cannot imagine practicing without it." Read more
Mike Andrews DSH RSHom

"As a long time computer professional, I recognize a cutting edge technology orientation in these packages that is missing in others." Read more
David Hartley DSH, RSHom

"A major breakthrough in repertorial software." Read more
Farokh Master MD
Author of over 30 books
Editor, Homoeopathic Heritage, India
Member Central Council of Homoeopathy
Ministry of Health and Welfare, Government of India

"Students learn the Repertory easily and are excited about how much fun it is to explore rubrics. A truly revolutionary tool!" Read more
Betty Nelson
Living Water School of Homeopathy

"I just didn't realize that there was a program out there that was this good, but now I'm spreading the word. Believe me, RADAR is a phenomenal program!" Read more
Virginia Downey RSHom, CCH, CHom, DIHom
Five Elements School of Homeopathy

"I would not want be without RADAR in my practice. An amazing tool!" Read more
Gabriela Rieberer MD, RLHH

"A program that appears on the page just like a book, and can be used in the same way appeals to me. And I don't need computer-speak to use it!" Read more
Fiona Dry MB, BS

"Students are able to repertorise their cases within a few minutes." Read more
Marion Howie RSHom

RADAR is my stimulus, my relaxation, my teacher, my joy — a powerful, wise tool.
Read more
Jemima Kallas
SOH Newsletter

"I particularly like the way RADAR teaches a beginner to find the best rubric for the symptom quickly and easily." Read more
Betty Nelson

"Indispensable as a 'symptom cruncher' — a versatile homoeopathic assistant."
Read more
Brian Kaplan HPTG

"RADAR — its great! I don't know how I managed before." Read more
Ursula Somers RSHom

"Rapid excellent help". Read more
David Taylor Reilly MD
Homoeopathic Consultant
Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

"RADAR's powerful search has helped to solve some very difficult cases". Read more
Roberto Bianchini RSHom

"I use RADAR all day and don't know what I would do without it." Read more
Steven Olsen ND, DHANP

Encyclopedia Homeopathica Reviews

"This is the program that allows you to do those seven impossible things before breakfast! It doesn't come any better than this. This is perfection!" Read more
Marysia Kratimenos MB, BS, FRCS(Ed), MFHom
Review in the British Homoeopathic Journal
July 2001

"Encyclopedia Homeopathica is the finest, most advanced, homeopathic research and analysis program extant on Mother Earth." Read more
Mitch Fleisher MD
National Center for Homeopathy

"EH is amazing — having entire books as they exist in printed form and being able to extract cases and pathologies from hundreds of thousands of pages." Read more
Joseph Kellerstein DC, ND, FCAH
Homeopathy by the Book 2 year program

"Within a day of being introduced to Encyclopedia Homeopathica, I was reduced to the words of my 13 year old son — totally awesome." Read more
Will Taylor MD

"EH will make RADAR the most attractive of the homeopathic software programs by a clear head." Read more
Peter Fraser
Homeopathic Practitioner
Bristol, England

"A library of nearly four hundred books at my finger tips — my favorite companion during and after the consultation." Read more
Gabriela Rieberer RLHH

"It is incredible to type in a patient's symptoms and search the homeopathic literature through the ages until an equivalent is discovered." Read more
Mike Bridger DO
London College of Homeopathy

"Just the improvement I have been waiting for. EH will make me finally give up my searching in books." Read more
Anthony Bickley
British School of Homoeopathy
Bath Spa University, England

Vithoulkas Expert System Reviews

"Mr. Vithoulkas' efforts have produced an enormous stride forward in homeopathic case analysis." Read more
Roger Morrison MD
Hahnemann College of Homeopathy

"Words fail to describe the instruction, learning, precision and results the Vithoulkas System leads you to." Read more
Andrew Ward RSHom

"RADAR is as easy as CARA, as clever as Mac-rep, BUT the icing has to be the unique Vithoulkas Expert System, which tells you how to question the patient. Fantastic!"
Read more
Mike Bridger DO
London College of Homeopathy

"It has always been my purpose to contribute as much as possible to the art and science of homeopathy. With all that I have accomplished, the Vithoulkas Expert System represents the greatest contribution that I have made to Homeopathy." Read more
George Vithoulkas
International Academy of Classical Homeopathy
Alonissos, Greece
1996 Recipient of the Alternative Nobel Prize, Right Livelihood Award

Customer Satisfaction

"WholeHealthNow, the distributors of RADAR, have been truly impressive with their enthusiastic commitment to service, training and support." Read more
Joseph Kellerstein DC, ND, FCAH
Homeopathy by the Book 2 year program

"I have never had such warm and friendly assistance with my many questions as I have from your staff here in the US. They are tops in my book!" Read more
Pamela Herring ND
New Hampshire Center for Homeopathic Study

"It helps me so much, knowing an entire staff is available and willing to help, especially with something that can seem as daunting as computer software." Read more
Cynthia Klist
Austin, TX

"I received more customer support in the last 45 minutes with WholeHealthNow than I did in 6 years with my previous homeopathic software program." Read more
Dr. T. Namaya

"You deserve a pat on the back for the speed at which you respond to customer inquiries and orders." Read more
Lynn Selway

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