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This page containes information on the Synergy MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks packages and pricing.

More information on the MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks packages may be found here, and you may select the package that best suits your needs.

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Foundation Edition

Our Foundation Edition (formerly the Classic Package) gives you the basic tools you need to confidently practice homeopathy in the classical way. You will relish how quickly and effortlessly the program will enable you to analyze your cases and find information important to your studies. Includes MacRepertory Professional with the Foundation Library (formerly the Core III Library) (6 repertories and 36 Materia Medicas) + Complete Classics and ReferenceWorks Professional with the Foundation Library (formerly the Core 3 Library) (330 Volumes). Foundation Library Lists AND the Philosophy Collection PDF FREE.

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Professional Edition

Our Professional Edition (formerly the Professional Package) is our most popular package for homeopaths that are just starting their practice. Experience a true, interactive revolution in homeopathy as you explore, analyze and research like never before with both of the newest versions of our professional programs! You will delight in how the two programs communicate with each other and savor the new depths to which you can now search and analyze in MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks Professional versions. Includes MacRepertory Professional with Professional Library (Formerly the Core III Library) (13 Repertories and 51 Materia Medicas) + Complete 2016 + Jeremy Sherr's Q REP + ReferenceWorks Professional with Professional Library (formerly the Full G3 Library) (850 Volumes) + Complete Repertory 2016 reversed. Professional Library Lists.

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Visionary Edition

The Visionary Edition (formerly the Everything Pro Package) is the most powerful, most comprehensive package that we offer. It features virtually everything we have available. Once you start using this software package you will wonder how you survived those difficult cases any other way! Includes MacRepertory Professional with our Professional & Visionary Libraries (formerly the Full VI library + extra books listed here) (35 Repertories and 77 Materia Medica) which INCLUDE Repertories: Complete 2016, Jeremy Sherr's Q REP, Humphrey's Sexual, Massimo's Clinical, Murphy's, Rozencwajg's Gemmotherapic, Vega's Boxes and Tarkas-Kulkarni's AIDS, Diabetes, Thyroid & Trauma Repertories, Phatak's Concise (35 repertories in total), AND these additional keynotes: Morrison's Desktop Companion, Rozencwajg's Gemmotherapic, Tarkas-Kulkarni's Select MM, Murphy's Nature's Materia Medica, and Vermeulen's Concordant, Fungi, Monera, Synoptics I and II, and Prisma (80 keynotes). ReferenceWorks Professional with our Professional & Visionary Libraries (formerly the Full G3 library + extra books listed here) (868 volumes) which INCLUDE Kulkarni's Select MM, Morrison's Carbons, Sankaran's Plants 1, Plants 2, Shore's Avian Realm, Vermeulen's Concordant, Fungi, Monera, Prisma, Synoptic I and Synooptic II, the Complete Repertory 2016 reversed. Visionary Library Lists. A few notable books Not Included but can be bought separately are The Pitcairn Veterinary Repertory, The TBR2, and Yakir’s Botanical Repertory

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Veterinary Edition

(Formerly the Pitcairn Package for Veterinary Doctors)

MacRepertory Professional with Dr Pitcairn's case analysis and graph settings and a Veterinary Library (formerly the Focused Library) (11 Repertories and 31 Materia Medica) INCLUDING Pitcairn and Jensen's New World Veterinary Repertory and ReferenceWorks Professoinal and The Complete Classics Repertory with the Foundation Library (330 volumes) (formerly the Core 3 Library). This special package was designed by Richard Pitcairn for his students. Veterinary Library Lists AND the Philosophy Collection PDF Free.

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