Synergy's repertorization tool, MacRepertory, makes it easy to quickly select and analyze rubrics, get ideas for remedies, check the materia medica, do some research and feel confident about your prescriptions.

MacRepertory combines a solid, traditional approach to repertorization with dozens of inspirational features. Advanced analysis tools feature family graphs at your fingertips; keyword and remedy searches with features like the Theme Palette combine the best of Boenninghausen's generalism with Kent's specificity, with remedy comparison by family as well as single remedy. You'll immediately find you are prescribing more accurately.


Mac & Windows Compatibility

Full compatibility with Mac OSX 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9 and Windows 7 and 8. Now fully downloadable via Internet.


User friendly and easy to use.

Collecting Rubrics

Collect your symptoms with a click; organize groups of symptoms into themes.


Analyze your case through clear graphs and multiple strategies.

Creating Graphs

Use graph limits to show predefined families and groups.

Crossing Rubrics

Cross your cases' rubrics in the Elimination Tool to illuminate the remedies that run through your cases.

Comparing Concepts

Differentiate between remedies, groups and families using hundreds of concepts.

Case Management

Save your cases to the patient charts interface for future follow-up.


Communicate with ReferenceWorks program to improve your case analysis.

Materia Medica

Verify your remedies in the materia medica library of old and modern masters.

Family Dynamics

Use over 100 family graphs to look at your cases from many perspectives.

Discover Families

Follow and use masters' research in order to solve your cases and study families.

Do It Your Way

Design your own strategies, graphs, families and colours and make your own additions and changes to the repertories and personal keynotes.


Do research like the Masters. Conduct advanced and sophisticated searches of remedies & words in the repertory and study the nature of the remedies through their symptoms.


MacRepertory's Libraries

With more than 35 repertories, MacRepertory covers every aspect of homeopathy: from the general classic repertories of Boenninghausen, Allen and Kent to the focused classics of Knerr, Jahr and Boericke. From the essential repertories of Boericke, Boger and Mangialavori to the thematic repertory of Mirilli and the drug side-effects from Marsh.

Of course, we also have the world's most comprehensive repertory, Zandvoort's Complete, in its different forms.

In the Full library of MacRepertory, you can find modern repertories like Jeremy Sherr's Repertory of Mental Qualities (Q Rep.), Phatak's repertory, Eizayaga's repertory, the Family repertory, Scholten's Thematic repertory, Murphy's repertory (3rd Ed), specific repertories for thyroid problems, AIDS, diabetes and sexual dysfunction and even Bach Flower and dream proving repertories plus Pitcairn and Jensen's New World Veterinary repertory! At the point that you're ready to confirm your prescription, you want a small, concise, focused materia medica at your fingertips. MacRepertory includes more than seventy of the best ever written: from the classics of Boericke, Boger, Choudhuri, Clarke, Dunham, Farrington, Gibson, Kent, Lippe, Phatak and Tyler to the modern masters of Morrison (both the Desktop Guide and Companion), Murphy, Sankaran, Scholten and Vermeulen.


MacRepertory is my eternally reliable and brave companion; my daily and nightly tool. A most beautiful one that is developing and growing with me towards particular and healing prescriptions. I'm so glad and rich and grateful to have it!
- Peter Koenig, MD
MacRepertory is essential cutting-edge software for every serious homeopath and student. KHA's continual pursuit of excellence is the attitude that we all need to aspire to if we are to truly make homeopathy the medicine of the 21st century.
- Melissa Burch, CCH
The newest MacRepertory is a quantum leap; I am so excited about it. I love the intuitive feel; the invitation to try something new, to explore new ways of thinking. You and your team have produced something really special here. A heartfelt thank you.
- Declan Hammond, LCH, ISHom