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Remedies from Latin America and Pennsylvania

Homeopathy entered a Tubercular period [Mind - restless, Mind - travel, desire for] following Hering's graduation from Leipzig, with his excursion to Surinam and subsequently to Pennsylvania.

Extending beyond the medicaments of "old-school" medicine and the medicines of the European botanical traditions, Hering introduced native substances of South America and the Carribean, including Lachesis, Theridion (the orange widow spider of the island of Uraçoa), and plants such as Jatropha.

Hering and ButeHis friend and student George Henry Bute returned to Pennsylvania from Surinam, and proved the local Sanguinaria (bloodroot) so prevalent in the Pennsylvania spring-time woods. Hering followed Bute to Pennsylvania "where the land is like Germany and the people are free."

There he proved the local Mountain Laurel (Kalmia), the venom of the Eastern Timber Rattler (Crotalus horridus), and over 70 other remedies including many indigenous species of northeastern North America.

Sanguinaria - bloodrootIn addition to supervising most of his provings at the 30C potency, Hering did self-provings on a good number of these remedies by drinking the washings of his mortar from the third trituration.

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