Taking the Case

Will Tayor (bio) offers this ongoing series of articles, presenting his insights into case-taking and homeopathy. These articles originate partly out of material Dr. Taylor prepares for teaching at The School of Homeopathy, New York.

Index of Installments

  1. The Interview
  2. Dimensions of a Physical Symptom
  3. Dimensions of a Mental/Emotional Symptom
  4. Applications to Study of Materia Medica
  5. Symptoms by Analogy
  6. Specificity of Seat - James Compton Burnett and the generalization of Locality
  7. H.N. Guernsey and the Concept of Keynotes
  8. Quantitative Knowledge of Remedies
  9. Qualitative Knowledge of Remedies - provings vs. clinical symptoms
  10. On the Genus Epidemicus - the prophylactic treatment of acute epidemic disease
  11. An Anamnesis of Lyme Disease - applying the process of determining the Genus Epidemicus to a subacute miasm
  12. The Story Board - a tool for seeing the Totality of Symptoms
  13. Provings - the heritage of homeopathy
  14. Provings II - reflections on historical provings
  15. Families of Remedies - the challenges met in setting up the new RADAR/Encyclopedia Homeopathica 2.0 database