Homeopathy in Venezuela

Homeopathy in Venezuela

The first person to use homeopathy in Venezuela was Dr. Manuel Porras in 1860. In 1880, Dr. Fernando de la Ville founded the first school that taught homeopathy. A year later, the government recognized the practice of homeopathy, but homeopathy never grew much after that. Only seven practitioners were listed in the 1931 Directory.

In 1934, Dr. Risquez attended a homeopathic meeting in Europe and returned to Venezuela to begin teaching others. Shortly after the Centro Amigos de la Homeopathia was formed and this organization carried homeopathy through the 1940s and 1950s.

In 1959, Dr. Martin Kelber began teaching a one-year course for physicians. One of the physicians from the course attended a Congress in Mexico, and this began a long-standing relationship between the two countries. Over the next ten years, Proceso Sánchez Ortega and David Flores Toledo came from Mexico to teach homeopathy in Venezuela.

Risquez attended the 1961 Liga meeting in Amsterdam and made a number of international contacts. Shortly after Tomás Paschero came from Argentina and began teaching in Venezuela. In 1969 La Asociación Médica Homeopática Venezolana was formed and in 1975 the Fundación Venezolana de Medicina Homeopática was formed. Both teach classical homeopathy. The Sociedad Venezolana de Medicina Homeopatica is the umbrella organization representing homeopathic interests.

In 1971 La Escula Médica Homeopática Venezolana was established, and by 1991 had graduated 51 doctors. In 1975 Dr. Mathias Dorcsi, from Austria, began teaching in Venezuela, and in 1977 the first Venezuelan homeopathic conference was held in Caracas. At this time, about 700 MDs have completed post-graduate study in homeopathy.

Non-MDs cannot study or practice homeopathy in Venezuela. A journal, Gaceta Homeopatica de Caracas, is published twice yearly. There are about 50 homeopathic pharmacies. The country is represented in the LMHI.