Homeopathy in Argentina

Homeopathy in Switzerland

Homeopathy developed "hand-in-hand with Germany." Dr. Franz Josef Siegrist was practicing in Basel in 1827. Pierre Dufresne began practicing in Geneva in 1831. In 1832 Charles Caspard Peschier, a pupil of Hahnemann and des Guidi began practice in Geneva.

The first journal, Bibliotheque Homoeopathique, was published in Geneva in 1832. The first homeopathic society was the Societe Homoeopathique du LĂ©man, founded in 1830 by a dozen Swiss and French homeopaths. The Schweizerischer Verein Homöopathischer Aerzte (SVHA) was founded in 1856.

The country's politics are based on local laws. In the cantons (districts) where there is legislation about medical practice by non-MDs you have to be a heilpraktiker. Also, you must pass an exam where the Government checks that you "don't have any serious misconception about the basis of medical knowledge."

The only homeopathy covered in the basic health insurance is that done by MDs. There are some 200 MDs practicing homeopathy, and there are probably around 500 lay homeopaths, some being heilpraktikers. The Verband Klassischer Homöopath Innen (VKH) was founded in 1992 as a professional organization for classical homeopaths.

There are several other organizations: Associazione per l'omeopatia unistica classica (AOUC); Homöopathie Verband Schweiz (HVS); Schweizerische Homöopathie Gesellschaft (SHG); Schweizerischer Verein für Homöopathie (SVH); Schweizerischer Verband Homöopathischer Aerzte (SVHA)

At present there are numerous MDs who claim to practice homeopathy; many are using combination remedies after only taking three-week courses. Several schools teach homeopathy in the country. Prescriptions for any homeopathic remedies above the 6C or 12X potency are not needed. The country is represented in the LMHI.