Here is a list of additions for Spigelia anthelmium. This information was presented by Dr. Alfons Geukens at the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH) conference in Chicago, IL, June 28-July 1. In the interest of quickly distributing this information to as many practitioners as possible WholeHealthNow is creating this access.

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Neuralgia of the fifth cranial nerve, the trigeminal nerve. The sensory root has an enlargement, called the gasserian ganglion, from which three large branches arise:

  1. Opthalmic, purely sensory
    Skin, upper part of head
    Mucus membranes of nasal cavity and sinuses
    Cornea and conjunctiva
  2. Maxillary, purely sensory
    Dura matter, gums, and teeth of upper jaw, upper lip, and orbit
  3. Mandibular sensory fibers of tongue, gums, teeth, of lower jaw, skin of cheek, lower jaw, lips, and motor fibers. Supplying the muscles of mastication

Combined with heart symptoms

(additions from al Allen, hr (Hering), vm (Vermeulen)gk pk (Phatak), bg (Boger), cl (Clarke), kr (Knerr), jr (Jahr), vt (Vithoulkas)

  • Pain
  • pressing
-band, as from a
-stooping; on
-motion; on *face, muscle of
-lying, head high, amel. KEYNOTE
-vertex, stooping, on (Add Spig (hr))
-forehead, outward
  • thinking of pain (Add Spig. (vm))
  • morning
-ceases toward evening
-comes and goes with the sun
-increases and decreases with the sun
  • motion
-eyes; of
-faces; muscle of
  • opening, mouth KEYNOTE
  • occiput
-sides of, left
-NEW RUBRIC: ext. to left eye (Add Spig. (pk))
-extending to, eyes
  • burrowing
-lying, amel.
-opening mouth
  • sides, tight, warm room, entering
  • NEW RUBRIC: ext. to right eye (spig., cpt.)
  • weather, stormy
  • forehead
-eyes, above, left+++!!
*cold, applic., amel.
*mental exertion, during
*coughing, after
*stooping, on
*weather, cold, wet
  • wandering pains
  • extending to

*shoulder (Add Spig. (vm))
  • burning
  • Sensitiveness,
  • touch; to (Add Spig. (cp))
  • motion; to NEW RUBRIC: scalp; of (Spig. (cp))
  • Shaking
  • stepping, heavily
  • motion; head of
  • Lying
  • head
-high; with head, amel.+++
-low; with head, agg.
  • Pain
  • stitching
-burning, hot needles; like!!!
  • Stiffness, cervical region
  • headache, dating, occiput; in (Add Spig. (vm))
  • Palpitations
  • headache; during
  • Glaucoma
  • Pain
  • pressing
-outward, headache; with NEW RUBRIC: one sided (Spig. (hr))
  • stitching
-needles thrust into eyeball; as if KEYNOTE
-radiating from the eyes KEYNOTE
-extending to
  • pulled out; as if being NEW RUBRIC: forward and backward (Spig. (vm))
  • around the eyes
  • extending to frontal sinus KEYNOTE
  • Lachrymation
  • pain; from, eye in
  • coryza, during
  • Strabismus
  • convergent
  • divergent (Add Spig. (ym))
  • Eversion
    of lids
  • Paralysis,
    lids; of
  • upper+++
  • Inflammation
  • arthritic
  • gonorrheal
  • Photophobia headache; during(Add Spig.(hr))
  • Stiffness of, lids
  • Hardness, lids
  • Tension, motion of eyes agg. (Add Spig. (vm))
  • Looking
  • downward
  • either way; right or left
  • steadily
  • turned; with the eyes KEYNOTE
  • Motion, eyes
  • High places
  • Feet rose;
    sensation as if
  • NEW RUBRIC: head; higher than (Spig (pk))
  • Accommodation, defective
  • Sparks
  • Fiery     -NEW RUBRIC: closing eyes (Spig. (hr))
  • Vanishing of sight
  • Dim
  • Foggy
  • Pain,
  • ext to NEW RUBRICS:
-eye (Spig. (hr))
  • Hearing
  • Acute
  • headache; during (Add Spig. (hr))
  • Catarrh
  • Itching
  • Epistaxis
  • Discharge,
  • postnasal
  • inside
  • NEW RUBRIC: endocarditis; with (Spig. (hr))
  • NEW RUBRIC: prosopalagia, with (Spig. (vm))
  • Mucus
  • night (Add Spig. (cp))
  • drawn from posterior nares+++
  • Eruptions, herpes, nose
  • Pain
  • burning
  • tearing
-needles; like
-jaw, lower
*ext. to, ear -NEW RUBRIC: nape (Spig. (vm))
-cold, air (Add spig. (Meting))
  • accompanied by;
-NEW RUBRIC: epistaxis (Spig. (vm))
-NEW RUBRIC: palpitations (Spig. (cp))
  • one side (Add Spig. (vm))
  • chewing; on
  • cold, exposure to cold; from, and wet
  • motion, agg.
  • noise, agg.+++
  • touch, agg.
  • coffee, agg.+
  • tea, agg.+
  • Coldness
  • Pain
  • NEW RUBRIC: touched; when (Spig. (hr))
  • thinking, about it
  • evening, smoking amel.+++
  • tobacco, smoking+ -amel.
  • Difficult
  • lying
-side, right, amel+++
-head low, with the
  • raising, arms+++
  • bending, forward
  • Palpitation
  • exertion
  • tumultuous
  • bending forward chest
  • sitting, bent
  • visible
  • paroxysmal (Add Spig. (al))
  • accompanied by, mouth; putrid odor in KEYNOTE
  • Trembling
  • moving the arms; on NEW RUBRIC: raising arm toward head (Spig (hr))
  • Pain
  • stitching
-motion, during
-lying, side, right, on the, only amel. KEYNOTE
-ext. to
*scapula (Add Pig. (Bg))
*throat (Add Spig. (Bg))
-heart *synchronous with beat of heart KEYNOTE
*lying; only on the right side can lie KEYNOTE
-head high; with the KEYNOTE
*motion agg. KEYNOTE
  • pressing
-mammae, nipple -NEW RUBRIC: under nipple during pregnancy (Spig. (hr))
-clavicle, below -NEW RUBRIC: left (Spig (vm))
  • crushing
-NEW RUBRIC: heart palpitation; with (Spig. (hr))
  • squeezing, heart (Add Spig. (hr))
  • cutting
-mammae, nipple, left, ext. to
*scapula; left
*upper arm, left
  • heart
-lying, sides, left, agg.+++
-motion, agg.
-ext. to *arm
*arm, right
*hand, left
*scapula, right
*scapula, left
  • Dropsy
  • disease, with organic
  • Cracking, Heart, in region of (Add Spig. (Bg))
  • Inflammation
  • Heart
  • Angina pectoris
  • drinking
- NEW RUBRIC: hot desires and amel. (Spig (vm))
  • Murmurs
  • cardiac murmurs
- NEW RUBRIC: acute rheumatism, during *Spig. (cl))
  • Numbness
  • upper limbs
-left (Add Spig. (Bg)) *heart disease; in
  • Pain
  • rheumatic, acute (Add Spig. (vm))
  • joints
  • stitching
-touch, agg. (Add Spig. (vm))
-elbow *bend of
-hand, joints
-fingers, joints
  • Perspiration
  • Itching, hand, palm
  • hand
  • burning
  • Touch, agg. slight+++
  • Inflammation peritoneum
  • NEW RUBRIC: puerperal (Spig (hr))
  • Lump, hard (Add Spig. (al))
  • Pain
  • cramping
-accompanied by
  • NEW RUBRIC: anxiety and difficulty breathing (Spig. (cp))
    • Hernia, inguinal
    • Formication
    • Worms
    • NEW RUBRIC: itching in coccyx, with (Spig. (hr))
    • roundworm KEYNOTE+++
    • Eructation; type of
    • Pain, touch, agg. (Add Spig (hr))
    • sour, eating, after (Add Spig. (vm))
    • Food
    • beer, desire
    • NEW RUBRIC: heat flushes at night, during (Spig. (vm))

    • Absorbed
    • Anxiety
    • future; about
    • pains; from the
    • business; about
    -heart (Add Spig (kr)) -NEW RUBRIC: inspiration; on deep (Spig. (kr))
    • Cheerful
    • pain, during
    • Ambition (Add Spig. (jr))
    • Anger
    • Cares
    • Fear
    • Offended,
    • Confusion
    • Death
    • face, red; with
    • beside oneself; being
    • full of
    • relatives about!
    • pins; of KEYNOTE
    • snakes (Add Spig (vt))
    • injury (Add Spig. (pk))
    • suffocation
    • touched; of being
    • stooping, when
    • desires, chill; during
    • Irritability, chill; during
    • Thoughts, future; of the
    • palpitation
    • anxiety; with
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