Homeopathy in Spain

Homeopathy in Spain

A layman named Zuarte, a merchant of Cadiz, met Necker in Italy. He visited Hahnemann, and then des Guidi. He began practicing in 1829.

In 1831, a group of doctors went to Germany to study cholera and Dr. Folch began homeopathic practice in Barcelona. Drs. Lopez Pinciano (Castile), Rino y Hurtado (Badajoz), and Purdentio Querol (Seville- then Madrid) began practice- all in 1833. Juan Manuel Rubiales had the first pharmacy in 1833. Dr. Lopez Pinciano is credited as the first translator of the Organon in 1835, although another source gives Augustin Lopez del Bano as a translator in 1833.

The first journal, Gazeta Homoeopatica de Madrid, was published in 1845. The Sociedad Hahnemanniana Matritense was founded in 1845. The Hospital Homeopatico de San Jose, founded in Madrid in 1878, is still operating with a geriatric department and a homeopathic outpatient department, is soon to be restarted in full.

The Academia Medico Homeopatica de Barcelona was founded in 1890, and the Hospital del Nen Deu, formerly completely homeopathic, still maintains a homeopathic outpatient department. King lists three graduates from Spain who studied at US schools between 1850 and 1905.

By 1900, homeopathy was "tolerated" in Spain, although the number of practitioners was declining. An international meeting was held in Barcelona in 1924, but homeopathy continued to decline through the Spanish Civil War and World War II.

With the rise of interest in alternatives in the 1970s, interest in homeopathy began to grow. By 1980 there were a few groups with ties to South America, Eizayaga, and Ortega. There was an influx of pharmacies, run by the French and German industry- most of them selling complexes. The Sociedad Espanola De Medicina Homeopatica was founded in 1996, to help make the practice of homeopathy official.

The Government recognizes homeopathic pharmacy, and the Spanish Medical Council supports homeopathy, provided it is practiced by physicians. There are about 1,000 homeopaths in practice. The remedies are sold only in pharmacies.

Homeopathy can be studied by physicians at these universities: Sevilla (master, 2 years), Valladolid (university specialist, 2 years), Murcia (university specialist, 2 years), Barcelona (postgraduate diploma, 3 years), and soon in Bilbao (university specialist, 2 years) and Málaga (College of Physicians, 2 years), all of them after the completion of medical studies. The country is represented in the LMHI.