Homeopathy in Slovakia

Homeopathy in Slovakia

In 1993, Czechoslovakia was peacefully divided into two sovereign states- the Czech Republic and Slovakia. homeopaths in both countries have open communication and share translated books. Homeopathy has been used since the 19th Century when Czechs and Slovaks were part of Austrian monarchy under Habsburgs.

After World War I, Czechoslovakia was formed and homeopathy continued. After 1948 when the communists gained power, homeopathy was declared bourgeois quasi-science and homeopaths were persecuted. The last original homeopath in Slovakia died in the 1960s. After the 1989 "Velvet Revolution" when socialism fell, homeopathy was revived. The Slovak Homeopathic Society was founded in 1991 in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The society has about 500 members, mostly medical doctors, although there are several veterinary doctors and pharmacists interested in classical homeopathy.

The Slovak Homeopathic Society is oriented to classical homeopathy. It has sponsored several long-term teaching seminars: a two-year course from the London College of Classical Homeopathy organized by Peter Chappell; a two-year course from the Holland-Indian School of Classical Homeopathy, the teachers coming from the Boenninghausen Circle in Holland and homeopaths working with Rajan Sankaran; a two-year course from the Austrian School of Homeopathy; and a course of seminars by the sons of Dr. Sehgal from India.

However the first courses held in Slovakia were conducted by the Slovak Branch of Boiron. They created their own organization and taught about 2,500 students, but most followed the "French school" and are not doing classical homeopathy.

The development of homeopathy in Slovakia has been blocked by its unclear legal status. Because under EEC guidelines the remedies are considered "drugs," those who use homeopathy must have an allopathic practice, and non-medical homeopaths are not allowed, because the laws allow health care to be practiced only by medical doctors. As of this writing, the Government is exploring new ways of regulating the health professions.

There are two homeopathic journals in the Czech language: a translated Homeopathic Links and the journal Homeopatie. Both are published in Prague.