Chocolate (Choc.)

Exercise 57 - EH Analysis

In the following graph, taken from the Encyclopedia Homeopathica (EH) software analysis, each symptom included in the search is represented by a different color. The length of the bar for a particular symptom (represented by a color), indicates how many times this symptom was mentioned in the materia medica for that remedy.

You will notice that, for the most part, only characteristic symptoms were chosen. This allows for easy differentiation of the correct remedy. The first remedy on the left is the correct remedy and the answer to the exercise. Usually, it has the longest bar of the graph, and comprehensively covers all the symptoms.

The EH screenshot is followed by a list of the RADAR Keynotes of that remedy, and a link to a query file that users may download and install into their own EH program in order to duplicate the analysis.

Chocolate (Choc.)

RADAR Keynotes for Chocolate (Choc.)

- Mental activity. Excitement. Busy.
- Affectionate.
- Anticipation, agg. morning. Anxiety about future.
- Aversion to children, husband.
- Aversion to company, amel. alone.
- Impatient. Impulsive. Irritability to his children.
- Sensation of isolation; delusion seperated from the world.
- Concentration difficult, vacant feeling.
- Delusion body divided; she is an animal.

- agg. 6 - 9 p.m.
- amel. Walking open air.
- Sides right then left.
- Symptoms appear suddenly.
- Desire to be covered, curled up. Desire to stretch and curled up afterwards.
- Weariness alt. with energy.
- Chilliness (but agg. heat).
- Flushes of heat agg. evening after eating, night.

- Des.: fruit, juices, refreshing things, cold water.
- Av.: Sweets.
- agg. :Sweets, warm drinks.

- Sensation of tightness round head, constriction.
- Enlarged feeling, agg. right.
- Heaviness, occiput; forehead, amel. eating.
- Pain left forehead, left eye, agg. bending, forenoon.
- Dandruff, large, dry flaky.

- Eyes feel wider, as if lids pulled up.
- Photophobia.
- Vision acute.

- Buzzing or fullness, agg. left.
- Flushed and hot ears. Burning, red, ext. mastoid; agg. left, along edge.
- Pulsations ear and neck on going to sleep, agg. lying left side.
- Hearing acute.

- Coldness.
- Smell acute.

- Salivation increased, agg. lying down.
- Taste diminished; of nicotine.

- Raw, sore agg. left, moving neck.
- Swollen glands, painful, agg. left, pressure.

- Emptiness.
- Heartburn, agg. afternoon, evening, warm drinks.

- Gas and flatulence.

- Diarrhea. Soft stool difficult to pass.

- Fishlike odor during coition.
- Pain vagina during coition.

- Cold feeling in lungs.
- Tightness back of heart.
- Heart stops beating at night.
- Heart attack. High blood pressure.

- Coldness ext. up spine.
- Sensation of coldness on back, warmer on front.
- Cervical region stiff and tight.

- Awkwardness hands.
- Lower limbs heavy, powerless, slow.
- Wandering pains.
- Coldness toes.

- Position: on back.
- Dreams: relatives, babies, flying, journeys, confused.

- Dry.
- Numb.

Dd: Carv., Lac-c., Lac-h., Sep., Thuja

EH Query File

Here is the EH Query file for you to install in your own program.

1. To download the file, right click on this link. Choose "Save File As", "Save Link As", or "Save Target As", depending on your browser.

2. Many browsers will change the file extension to .htm when you download. Be sure that the file name ends with .qry. If your browser has changed the extension, change it back to .qry

3. Open EH, go to the Find Window (F4) and chose the Search pull down menu. Select Recall the Query.

4. Double click on the query file you would like to open. You will then find the same query that was used to create the analysis screenshot for that remedy.

5. To view the analysis in EH, hit the function key (F8) and you will see the analysis for that query.

Note: EH owners who download these queries may get different results, based on the database of books they own. In particular, the Vermeulen books seem to be of great help in answering these exercises.