The Organon Journal

1878 - 1881

Though in existence for only a short period of time, the Organon Journal was one of the most important homeopathic publications of the 19th century.

It was edited by Adolph Lippe, MD, Samuel Swan, MD, Thomas Skinner, MD and Edward Berridge, MD. Cured cases were presented based on sound principles, and materia medica was derived from provings, augmented with clinical experience.

Julian Winston, in his The Heritage of Homeopathic Literature, writes:

"In the three years of publication, this Journal contained more valuable information than almost all of the others combined. Every issue has cases or commentary by Lippe. Several of Swan's provings appear within the pages.

"A magnificent series, authored by Lippe, called 'Fatal Errors', is filled with gems and insights into homeopathic methodology.

"The Skinner Machine and the Boericke Potentizer are both illustrated and discussed. It remains a hard to find journal, and is especially sought after because of the inherent value of almost everything that appeared within its pages."