Homeopathy in Norway

Homeopathy in Norway

The pioneers in homeopathy were active in Norway at the end of the last century. One was O. M. Ohm (1848-1928) who, in 1892, published a small book; Practical Homeopathy For Everyone. Another pioneer was N. W. Anderschou who practiced in Oslo and, persecuted by the allopaths, moved to London.

The practitioners held an International Congress for homeopaths and Natural healers in Kristiania (Norway) in August 1909. A journal, Homeopatisk Tidskrift, was published in 1916. The Norske Homeopaters Landsforbund (NHL) was founded in 1930. It had several hundred members.

The society has, in 1997, about 350 full members and about 200 student members. Dynamis is published quarterly by the society. "The Law of Quackery" passed in 1936, gives professional homeopaths, in principle, the possibility to treat all illnesses, except tubercular and venereal diseases, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, dangerous anemias and pathological goiter.

In 1951 the Norwegian Homeopathic Patients Association (NHP) was founded. The NHP played a significant role in an important court case in the 1960s that involved prosecution of a homeopath. 15,000 signatures were collected on behalf of the homeopath, and the case was successfully resolved. The NHP had more than 1600 members in 1997.

The first school, the "Norwegian Academy of Natural Medicine" (NAN) was founded in 1975. In 1987 a second school was founded- the "Scandinavian Institute for Classical Homeopathy" (SIKH). Several international teachers have taught in Norway.

SIKH is a combined effort with a similar school in Sweden. NAN does a full homeopathy and medical training- but also includes one year of ear-acupuncture, reflexology and herbs. SIKH only takes students with a certain level of previous medical knowledge.

For a couple of years NHL was very active in ensuring that good international homeopaths came to Norway for seminars. Jeremy Sherr taught a full course of his Dynamis School seminars, giving qualification to the ones pursuing it fully.

The Norwegian Association for Classical Homeopaths maintains a webite with more detail about the History of Homeopathy in Norway.