Homeopathy in Nigeria

Homeopathy in Nigeria

The All-Nigeria Homeopathic Medical Association was founded in 1961, shortly after the country gained its independence.

The first practitioner, I. Okogeri, MD, the King of the Afikpo kingdom, began practice in 1962. He was trained in London. The practitioners have been trained abroad- many in India and Germany- or through overseas correspondence courses or are self-taught.

There are a number of organizations, associations, and colleges. In 1989, Peter Fischer, from the Faculty of Homeopathy in London, described the standards as having "shortcomings, but these are not insuperable." The government is working on establishing professional and educational standards.

The Congress of Homoeopathic Medicine Practitioners was founded in 1972, along with the Nigerian College of Homeopathic Medicine- which is recognised by the government of the East Central State. Both MDs and lay persons can practice homeopathy.

There is no journal published. The Congress has 30 MDs on its register. There are an estimated 2000 lay practitioners.