Homeopathy in New Zealand

Homeopathy in New Zealand

Although it is likely that immigrants from England brought homeopathy with them, the first homeopath recorded in New Zealand was William Purdie, MD, a graduate of Glasgow, who arrived in December 1849, and settled in Dunedin.

Shortly after, Dr. Charles F. Fischer, a medical graduate from Berlin, settled in Auckland. He published the first New Zealand homeopathic journal, The Homeopathic Echo - from 1855 to 1856. Fischer founded the Homeopathic Association in 1857, and a homeopathic hospital in 1858. The hospital saw 1047 patients from the time it opened until it closed in 1862. During the time it was open, the mortality rate at the hospital was 2.2%. Fischer left New Zealand for Australia in 1869.

The Echo was published with the support of John Bell's Homeopathic Pharmacy in Auckland. Another pharmacy, J. A. Pond, was eventually taken over by Marriage's Pharmacy in 1880. In 1931, Marriage's reported that they "have a great trade, entirely with families."

In 1876 there was mention of Dr. Jahn in Auckland and Dr. Deck in Dunedin. By 1911 there were no doctors in Auckland, two were in Dunedin, one was in Levin (Henry Dundas MacKenzie; St. Louis, 1896). There were always chemist shops carrying remedies. In 1931 the question was put: "Why don't the allopaths study homeopathy when the people demand it?"

Under Common Law, a medical degree is not needed to practice homeopathy. The New Zealand Homeopathic Society was founded in 1951 by Alfred G. Grove, a lay practitioner. Grove died in 1974.

The New Zealand Institute of Classical Homeopathy was founded in 1987. There are, in 1998, about 90 professional homeopaths on an amalgamated register. There are several homeopathic physicians, some of whom are on the register as well. There is no separate register or organization for medically qualified homeopaths. There are four manufacturing homeopathic pharmacies in New Zealand and a number of chemist shops that offer the lower potencies.

New Zealand supports four part-time colleges offering training in homeopathy. There are two small journals: Homeopathica and Homeopathy NewZ.