Mrs. R., 31 years of age, dark hair, liver spots in the face, mild somewhat melancholic temperament, disposed to home-sickness, mother of six children, had on her chin an old dark tetter with red pimples. About midnight she would have attacks of fear and trembling, followed by feverish heat; afraid of evil spirits; of being taken hold of by the devil; sleeplessness; only somewhat relieved towards morning. Had a good education; never been made superstitious, now fears she is getting crazy.

She has an anxious expression in her face; dark brownish circles around the eyes; throbbing in pit of stomach, pressure in region of heart, hard beats of the heart followed by fainty feelings, with darkening before the eyes; pulse slow and soft. Frequent headache; desire for saltish food; smell of onions before her nose. Catamenia one week too early, with pains in the chest; feet puffed up every morning.

Jan. 15th, 1869
Mancinella 6. In a few days the most remarkable change; her face was brightened up, all the evil spirits were banished, and even the tetter on the chin was better. Living near her I would have heard from her, had she not continued to do well.

G. Bute.

This was one of the first early cases of the successful use of the remedy Mancinella which had been written about just a few years earlier in Benoit Mure's Provings of the Principal Animal and Vegetable Poisons of the Brazilian Empire. This beautiful work, first published in 1853, contained 38 provings including Crotalus cascavella, Elaps corallinus and Hura brasiliensis.