Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr (bio) has published provings of Scorpion, Chocolate, and Hydrogen that are appreciated as valuable additions to our homeopathic literature.

Through his Dynamis School he offers superior education in homeopathy.

Section 7

AH - What is your home life like?

I have three children - they're great kids - eleven, nine and seven. My wife is an acupuncturist and a midwife. I'm a "man on a mission" and it's often not very conducive to family life.

My wife knew when she married me that I was deeply committed to homeopathy and she has been wonderfully supportive. I couldn't have done it without her.

I'm doing a lot of travelling and teaching now, and it's very difficult for me to decide where to go, there's a lot of demand. I'm teaching in Holland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, New York, California, Portland, Seattle, but I still keep a fairly busy practice.

AH - What do you do for fun?

I'm a rogue, by nature. I used to drink, smoke, go to bars, have a good time. In my youth I did many other provings!

But in the last five or six years I've become boring. I am conscious of my food-combining. I do Tai Chi, Kung Fu or go to the gym. I enjoy being home, walking my dog on the hills. I love sushi, and siestas are very important too.

But really, that's rest. My real fun is meeting homeopthic friends all over the world -- its always such a great time!

I'd love to be able to take a year off to read and write. I have all my lectures typed out on computer, enough for a couple of books on philosophy, Materia medica, repertory, and provings.

But I haven't got time to edit them. So for me that would be fun, to have a year of peace to read and write.

AH - Do you have a favorite quote, book, film, food?

Hmmm.. How about "Thou shall not have favourites" or maybe "Tis an ill wind that blows no mind...". I love Kent's Lectures.

My favorite movie this year is "Like Water for Chocolate" - a great picture of the remedy. The last movie I saw was Schindlers List, but I often I enjoy martial arts movies. I crave white chocolate and sushi, but not together.

AH - What else do you want?


I'd love to be part of a six-year homeopathy college leading to the MD degree. The main emphasis would be homeopathy; we would turn out excellent homeopaths. There would be a wonderful homeopathic curriculum. And in addition, a wide range of complimentary subjects, such as memory and study enhancement, counseling etc.

There will be In Patients, an Obstetrics Ward, and a General Hospital Ward. We would produce homeopathic doctors with no unlearning necessary. Everything would be geared to homeopathic understanding.

If we started such a college we could accomplish a lot. Hering did it; so can we.

Homeopathy is on the brink of actually becoming a major force. The next couple of years will be the proof of whether it will continue or not. All the recent grass-roots interest cannot be denied; this is probably our greatest strength. I believe homeopathy can make really big changes.

It's a simple vision and I know it is going to happen.

AH - What else?

After the health food store, I went back to Israel and bought a lovely piece of land with some friends of mine. We started an alternative village - wind-powered, solar-powered, organic farming and all that.

It overlooks the sea. I planted sixty olive trees, fruit trees. That's the place I'm going to retire to if I make it that far.

It's good to know where my land is, whether I own it or not. Somewhere I can put my foot on the earth and say "that's where I know it is". It makes a big difference in my life to have that.

The olive trees were growing happily and then there was a big fire and they all burned down. I went there to check it out. The whole village had burned down in three minutes.

The government came and said, "What you must do with the trees is prune them, cut them right to the trunk, paint them with white chemicals. Intensive treatment."

So we did it. I left a few trees which I didn't touch, as an experiment. The trees that we interfered with did terribly. The trees that we didn't touch did great.

The lesson is: Do nothing; let Nature take her way, because she knows best.