Homeopathy in Israel

Homeopathy in Israel

There is no mention of homeopathy in Palestine in the 1931 Directory, yet Dr. Jarus had arrived in Israel from Germany in 1901, settling first in the north Rosh Pina and then in Tel-Aviv where he opened a clinic.

In 1960 he built a Sanitorium in Rosh-Pina "Mizpe Hajamim." He died in the late 1970s. After Jarus died, Josef Reves (who learned homeopathy in Germany) began to teach a small group of people starting in 1976.

There have been a handful of people practicing some form of homeopathy since then, but only since 1990 has the volume and recognition of homeopathy risen to a substantial level. The Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy (IACH) was established towards the end of 1993 hoping to regulate the practice of classical homeopathy and form a body to further the interests of homeopathy among practitioners and with government bodies.

Starting with 12 founding members in 1994, it had 47 registered members in 1998, 11 of whom were MDs. In late 1998 there were an estimated 150 practitioners of classical homeopathy, about 50 of whom had a full-time practice. About 200 students are attending the courses offered.

The IACH maintains a register, represents homeopathic interest in relations with the government authorities, and publishes a journal, Homeopathic Times, twice a year. The IACH organizes seminars with some of the world's most prominent homeopaths. Usually 120-140 people attend, including professional homeopaths and the few MDs who practice classical homeopathy.

Over the past few years homeopathy has been integrated into various allopathic clinics. At least three hospitals have taken on homeopaths (who are not necessarily MDs), to work within a "multi-therapy" clinic. Recently, the largest national health care provider, Kupat Cholim, has begun six alternative therapy clinics, in which classical homeopathy is one of the therapies available.

There is only one school in Israel which presently meets the standards of the ICCH- the Israeli School of Classical Homeopathy, run by Dr. Chaim Rosenthal, RCHom and Elia Onne, RCHom. This school offers a 4-year course, including one year of clinical training (internship). There is no formal recognition of homeopathy as an accepted form of medicine, but neither are homeopaths persecuted for practicing as they see fit.

The first homeopathic pharmacy was opened in Tel-Aviv in 1941. Homeopathic remedies are at present readily available over-the-counter. Recently several large pharmaceutical companies have begun importing and distributing remedies, and the competition is strong in this rapidly growing market.