International Hahnemannian Association Transactions

IHA Transactions

The Transactions of the International Hahnemannian Association are an essential record of some of the best homeopathy that has ever been practiced. This is a treasure trove of homeopathic knowledge distilled from the clinical experience of the some of the greatest homeopathic practitioners who have ever lived.

Full of cases, materia medica, philosophy, thoughtful discussion and practical application, these transactions showcase this rare material for the benefit of modern homeopaths. Through these transactions you will rediscover the miracle of homeopathy in treating acute and chronic disease.

By the last quarter of the 19th century, the American Institute of Homeopathy had 'proved' that the 30th potency was only placebo and its members were no longer required to be homeopaths. Hundreds of 'homeopaths' were graduating from homeopathic colleges with little more than a therapeutic, pathological brand of allopathic homeopathy.

The IHA was founded in 1880 by a group of steadfast Hahnemannian homeopaths including A. Lippe, P. P. Wells, and H. C. Allen. Formed as a reaction against the preponderance of poor homeopathy that was being practiced, the IHA identified itself with the Organon, the law of similars, the single remedy, and the minimum dose.

In the words of P. P. Wells, it was "Homoeopathy, as contained in these principles, which the Association pledged itself to illustrate and defend."

These IHA Transactions also contain all the presentations made at the yearly meetings of the Association. They were printed as the IHA transactions until 1926 after which they were printed in The Homeopathic Recorder.

Julian Winston in his The Heritage of Homeopathic Literature says,

Where would homeopathy be without these? A full record of the thinking of the greatest homeopaths of the time.

Always 'Hahnemannian' in its outlook, the papers printed were often followed by discussions which followed the presentations, and it is in these discussions that off-the-cuff remarks are made by stalwarts such as Kent, Boger, Fincke, Case, Close and others.

Although membership was never greater than 215 members in 1930, the IHA helped pure homoeopathy survive into the 20th century. It ceased operation in 1959 when all of the then current members, all belonging to the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH), voted to merge with that group.