Homeopathy in Iceland

Homeopathy in Iceland

Arthur Charles Gook (1883-1959) and his wife, Florence Ethel Gook, were the first formally-trained homeopaths in Iceland, although there were quite a few "self-educated" people using the system.

Evidence suggests that Arthur received his training while working at the London Homeopathic Hospital. It is definitely known that Florence was trained at the Missionary School of Homeopathy in London.

Frederic H. Jones, a Scot, had started an Iceland mission in 1897. When he was taken ill (he died in 1905) the Gooks went to Iceland to carry on his work. They arrived in Akureyri, (after stopping in Denmark) in autumn 1905.

While the Gook's were first and foremost missionaries, they also began a joint homeopathic practice, living in Iceland for 50 years. He moved back to England in 1955 and died in 1959.

There are homeopaths in Iceland today and their number is steadily increasing. There is quite an awakening in complementary medicine. In 2002 there is a formal bill in Parliament to look into the status of complementary medicine in Iceland.

[Thanks to Sigríður Svana Pétursdóttir for contributing many of the details in this account.]