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1876 - c.1905
Chicago Homeopathic Medical College
Turkey 1875
John Arschagouni, MD in Constantinople
Founding of California State Homoeopathic Medical Association
1878 - 1881
The Organon Journal
Edited by Adolph Lippe, Thomas Skinner, Edward Berridge, and Samuel Swan.
1879 - 1955
John Borneman, founder of Borneman Laboratories

John Borneman biography

1879 - 1971
Sir John Weir, MD, Royal Physician from 1918 - 1968

Sir John Weir biography

Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica
Comprehensive 12 volume set of materia medica. Timothy Field Allen, MD

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The Guiding Symptoms of the Materia Medica
Hering's 10-volume set of materia medica. Constantine Hering, MD

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1880 - 1959
International Hahnemannian Association

History of the IHA

1881 - 1925
IHA Transactions
The invaluable experience of some of the greatest homeopaths in history.
1881 - 1939
Homeopathic Medical College of the Pacific
1881 - 1899
The Homeopathic Physician
Committed to "Hahnemannian Homeopathy," this journal was edited by E.J. Lee, MD, and later by Walter James, MD, and G.H. Clark, MD.
The Homoeopathic Courier
Editors: J.T. Boyd, J.T. Kent, William C. Richardson, J.W. Thrasher
1882 - c.1918
Kansas City Hahnemann
The AMA declines to acknowledge delegates from the New York State Medical Society because this society had recently passed a resolution that recognized all graduated doctors, which included homeopathic physicians.
1882 - 1884
Ann Arbor
Medical Advance

One of five names
1883 - 1887
Nebraska State
'The application of the principles and practice of homoeopathy to obstetrics and the disorders peculiar to women and young children'
Henry Guernsey, MD

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c. 1885 - 1952
Dorothy Shepherd, MD, author of "Magic of the Minimum Dose"

Doroth Shepherd biography

1884 - 1894
The Medical Advance
One of five names
The earliest record of masking and placebo in medicine. This article from the late 19th century demonstrates that homeopathic provings incorporated masked studies and the use of placebo more than 40 years before orthodox medicine did.

Placebo and Masking

1885 - 1960
Douglas Borland, MD, author of "Children's Types" and other monographs

Douglas Borland biography

1886 - ?
Westboro State Homeopathic Hospital, MA
1886 - 1936
Edward Bach, MD, developer of Bach flower remedies

Edward Bach biography

Clinical Materia Medica
Ernest A. Farrington

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Fifty Reasons for Being a Homeopath
James Compton Burnett, MD
Myanmar(Burma) 1888
Myanmar (Burma)
Clara Lawrence-Davenport graduated from Boston and returned to Burma
Finland 1888
A. Pfaler first mentions homeopathy in a history of Finnish healing practices
Costa Rica 1889
Costa Rica
Homeopathy introduced by a layman
Mark Twain acknowledges the value of homeopathy, in an 1890 issue of Harpers Magazine

Mark Twain on Homeopathy

1890 - ?
Fergus Falls State Homeopathic Hospital, MN
Greece 1889
Dr. J Picramenos, about whom little is known
1890 - 1900
Kent's Postgraduate School
Homeopathic Therapeutics
3rd edition
A comprehensive homeopathic self-care manual. Samuel Lilienthal, MD

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1891 - 1955
Dr. William Ernest Boyd, M.D.
who proved that the presence of a power exists in 30th potency of Mercuric Chloride

William E. Boyd biography

Homeopathic Bibliography of the United States:
from the year 1825 to the year 1891
Thomas Bradford, MD
Norway 1892
O. M. Ohm publishes 'Practical Homeopathy For Everyone'
1893 - 1968
Garth Boericke, MD, professor of therapeutics at the Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia

Garth Boericke biography

1894 - 1909
Denver Homeopathic
1894 - ?
Gowanda State Homeopathic Hospital, New York
1894 - 1907
The Hahnemannian Advocate
One of five names
1894 - 1987
Pierre Schmidt, MD, who reintroduced classical homeopathy into Europe

Pierre Schmidt biography

Accoucheur's Emergency Manual
Treatise on homeopathic obstetrics.
William A. Yingling
1896 - 1967
Elizabeth Wright Hubbard, MD, first woman president of the American Institute of Homeopathy

Elizabeth Wright-Hubbard biography

1897 - 1992
Elinore Peebles, helped organize the Homeopathic Information Service
Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica
First modern repertory. James Tyler Kent, MD

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1898 - 1981
Margery Blackie, MD, succeeded Weir as Royal Physician in 1968, author of "The Patient, Not the Cure"

Margery Blackie biography

Leaders in Homoeopathic Therapeutics
Eugene B. Nash

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1898 - 1995
Marion Rood, MD was a master homeopath as well as a trained physicist who helped develop quantum mechanics.

Marion Rood biography