Homeopathy in Greece

Homeopathy in Costa Rica

In the late 1800s there was Dr. J Picramenos, about whom little is known. There was no mention of Greece other than the existence of one doctor being listed in the 1931 Directory.

The first Organon to be translated into Greek appeared in 1989. George Vithoulkas has a training clinic for MDs in Athens. In 1995 there were about 130 physicians using homeopathy.

In 1993 Gerasimos Stouraitis established the Hippocratean Center of Classical Homoeopathy in Athens. It is both a clinic and a school for non-doctors. In 1997, Gerasimos Stouraitis established the Homoeopathics' Association of Hellas which is an active member of the ECCH. The country is represented in the LMHI.