George Jahr -

author of the Manual of Homeopathic Medicine

After its initial dismissal by Hahnemann, George Jahr's Repertory was finally published in 1835 in the German Language. It contained three volumes which were 1052, 1254 and 200 pages respectively.

The third volume of Jahr's work formed the repertory, whereas the other two volumes were materia medica. The second edition was enriched by P.F. Curie and was published in 1847.

In the course of time, Jahr's Repertory underwent many changes. The fourth edition was published in 1851 and incorporated Boenninghausen's evaluation method. In 1953 it was translated and published by Hempel with a preface by Constantine Hering.

The 1959 edition included additions from Possart's work and was even further revised by Hempel. This revised volume was known as the fifth edition. The repertory was improved with each successive edition, which led some doctors to feel that it was a precursor to Kent's repertory.