Homeopathy in France

Homeopathy in France

Homeopathy preceded Hahnemann's arrival in 1835. Count des Guidi, the Inspector of the University of Lyon, was visiting Italy and had his wife treated by de Romani and Horatiis. He then went to Kothen, staying some time with Hahnemann, and returned to Lyon in October 1830. That year, aged 61, des Guidi began practicing homeopathy.

Dr. Petroz, a physician of "high standing" in Paris, gathered homeopaths around him- Jahr, Curie, and Croserio among them. Curie moved to London in 1835. The brother of Dr. Petroz opened Paris' first homeopathic pharmacy in 1833. The first Organon in French was by von Brunnow in 1824. The first journal in the French language was Bibliotheque Homeopathique, introduced in Geneva in 1832. Dr. Tessier introduced homeopathy to Paris hospitals in 1847.

King lists six graduates from France who studied at US schools between 1850 and 1905. Non-medical people are NOT allowed to practice "healing" at all in France. They can be prosecuted by the courts. It is illegal to practice "medicine" (i.e. therapeutics) of any kind, unless you are an MD.

While homeopathic remedies prescribed by MDs are (partially) reimbursed by the State Medical system (called Securite Sociale), anything beyond the 30C is not reimbursed and LMs do not legally exist. Whatever is legal you can buy OTC, but some remedies are not in the Pharmacopoeia e.g., all the newly proved remedies and some "small" ones.

About 90% of homeopaths are mixopaths, following in the wake of Leon Vannier who invented "French" homeopathy and whose son Philippe drew up the present regulations forbidding sale of potencies beyond the 30C.

In late 1998, French Law banned the manufacture and sale of five nosodes. It is an interesting historical note that in the report to the AIH in 1906, a complaint was voiced about the growing use of polypharmacy in France. There have been a number of French homeopaths whose work has been known to the international community- Pierre Jousset, J. Gallavardin, Duprat, Lathoud, Gilbert Charette, Maurice Fortier-Bernoville, and O.A. Julian. The influence of the French continues since two of the major manufacturers of homeopathic pharmaceuticals, Boiron and Dolisos, are located in France. The country is represented in the LMHI.