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Exercises 51 – 60

Exercise 51

It mostly affects mouth, throat and larynx. Mouth is full of ulcerations with gray membrane. There is also a thick grayish membrane in the throat. There may be 'necrotic destruction of soft palate and fauces'. Rapid and extreme prostration is a prominent feature. Skin is moist and cold. Salivation is increased and there is a bad odour from the mouth. A good remedy in treatment of diphtheria. < Swallowing > Milk.

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Exercise 52

It is a famous remedy for bad effects following climbing (palpitation, dyspnea, anxiety, insomnia). There is great lassitude and dizziness that is worse from mental and physical strain. On the other hand, there may be 'great physical strength in spite of slight nourishment and little sleep'. One of the important peculiar symptoms is 'sensation of worms or foreign bodies under the skin which move away when touched'. > Rapid motion.

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Exercise 53

Low fever with prostration, dullness and stupor are prominent features of this remedy. Fevers are mostly of eruptive type. Eruptions are in the form of 'dark, sparse patches' that disappear on pressure but return slowly. Lividity is another important feature of this remedy. The skin may appear livid. Throat may also be livid, dark and swollen. Tonsils are also affected; 'studded with many deep ulcers'. < Suppressions   > Hot drinks.

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Exercise 54

Cardiovascular system is most affected by this remedy. Sluggish circulation causes lividity, weakness and drowsiness. The patient is in a low vitality state and is very sensitive to cold and especially to cold damp air. There is an increasing difficulty in breathing which wakes him. 'Rattling and oppression in chest'. There is a great aversion to water and being washed. < Cloudy weather.

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Exercise 55

It is famous for its characteristic pains and colics. Abdomen, sciatic nerve and spinal cord are most affected. Pains are really unbearable and are paroxysmal, sharp, cutting, griping and grinding in nature. They dart about or radiate to distant parts. The patient shudders from pain. < Lying and doubling up > Stretching out or bending back.

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Exercise 56

It is mostly indicated in females who are exhausted by 'frequent pregnancies'. There is a constant tiredness and soreness in muscles. The patient always feels tired. There is also a feeling of heaviness in the region of the uterus. Uterus is heavy, sore and prolapsed. She feels a heavy dragging in pelvis. 'Constant dull ache and heat in region of the kidney'. < Fatigue   > When busy

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Exercise 57

The most important mental aspect of this remedy is that the patient 'likes children but doesn't like looking after them'. 'They don't like to do anything with children, like bringing them up or looking after them.' 'Affectionate alternating with indifference or aversion'. 'Activity alternating with lassitude'. There is a strong desire for fruits and refreshing things with an acute sense of smell for fruit juices. < Cold   > Covering, warmth of bed.

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Exercise 58


CNS is most affected by this remedy. Epileptic attacks and convulsions are the important aspects. The patient is irritable and excitable before the epileptic attacks which may be triggered by anger, fright or physical exertion. The epileptic attacks are followed by profuse offensive sweat with a 'garlic-like odour'. One of the peculiar features of this remedy is 'vertigo from looking at coloured light'.

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Exercise 59

This (somewhat!) small remedy mostly affects GI and digestion. It is a suitable remedy for 'dyspepsia from abuse of tea or tobacco'. The patient is irritable with hot head, headache and flushed cheeks during dyspepsia. The most important SRP of this remedy is sensation of a hard lump like a hard-boiled egg in lower end of esophagus or cardia. < 5-9 am   < after eating   > lying.

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Exercise 60

This remedy mostly affects head (esp. forehead) and circulation. There is great congestion of the head (also chest and pelvic organs) with pulsating or bursting pain which is ameliorated by rest, hemorrhage and discharges (>epistaxis, menses and profuse urination). Complaints are usually accompanied by flushes of heat with redness of face. 'Delusion of being persecuted' and 'desire to run away and escape.' 'Sudden impulse to commit suicide.' It is compared with Glonoinum.

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The exercises for this section are graciously provided by Dr. Ardavan Shahrdar of Iran. You can learn more about Dr. Shahrdar and his work from his website at