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Exercises 41 – 50

Exercise 41

It is mostly a female remedy. Indicated in women who are 'unduly exhausted by frequent pregnancies and abortions'. For women who are 'enfeebled by loss of blood; when patient loses more blood than is made in the inter-menstrual period'. Their weakness may also be secondary to hard mental and physical work. She is better 'when kept busy'. She is worse when thinking of her complaints. She is conscious of her womb. 'Feels the womb move when she moves'. 'Heavy dragging in pelvis'.

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Exercise 42

It mostly affects the mental sphere. Affections of ego functions. There is self-identification with the environment and loss of sense of identity (depersonalization). Strange perceptions. 'Noises or touch perceived by a coloured vision'. 'Objects seem transparent'. There are different kinds of audio-visual hallucinations. 'Sensation of being carried by music'. There may also be loss of the sense of time.

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Exercise 43

PERIODICITY is the most important feature of this remedy. Most of the ailments occur at exact periods. Most of the pains are neuralgic. Prosopalgia, an important symptom of this remedy, recurs at 'regular paroxysms of indefinite duration; with spasmodic distortion of muscles corresponding to affected region'. < After coition is an important modality; after coition, there is 'irregular and uncontrollable movements of left upper and lower limbs, and of some portions of the face, manifested by grimaces and contortions of different kinds'. 'Bleeding of the gums during menses'.

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Exercise 44

There is a great similarity in physical sphere between this remedy and Calc. Extreme sensitiveness to cold air and great susceptibility for catching colds. There is a sensation of coldness in different parts of the body like throat, nose, stomach, saliva, etc. The patient is generally aggravated in winter. Glands may be enlarged and indurated 'like knotted cords'. Glands of nasopharynx and neck are mostly affected. 'Throat is very dry and cold air passing over parts = pain'. There is a great desire for cheese.

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Exercise 45

It mostly affects the circulation and causes 'violent pulsations, ebullitions and irregular congestions'. There is an upward rushing of blood. 'Surging of blood to head and heart'. The patient feels violent palpitations. He or she suffers from a terrible bursting headache. There is a feeling of bursting and expansion in the different parts of the body on account of severe congestion. < Heat (esp. heat of sun), < Motion, < Jar < Cold, < Open air. 'Loses himself in well known localities.'

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Exercise 46

This small remedy mostly affects the heart producing a typical picture of angina pectoris. There are violent cardiac pains with extension to shoulders, arms or fingers with numbness. 'Gasping breath'; he/she fears losing breath and dying. The patient is restless and prostrated. Surface of the body is cold. < Least motion (even of hands), Exertion and Talking >Sitting quietly. Lowered coagulability is another feature of this remedy.

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Exercise 47

Pelvic organs are mostly affected by this remedy. It causes congestion in pelvic organs such as the anus, rectum, and uterus. Hemorrhoids are an important feature. There may be alternations between hemorrhoids and heart affections (or alternation between hemorrhoids and rheumatic problems). 'After heart symptoms are relieved piles return'. 'Feeling of enlargement' is felt in different parts of the body like limbs, vulva, clitoris.

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Exercise 48

Oversensitivity to noise is the most prominent feature of this remedy. Scratching on silk or linen (even thinking of it) is unbearable. He cannot tolerate rattling of paper. Another peculiar feature of this remedy is 'lightness as if floating' esp. when walking in the open air. 'Lightness of all the limbs'. Sensation of as if 'his whole body or single parts were being pressed together'. < Cold dry weather. > Cold bathing.

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Exercise 49

The famous manifestation of this small remedy is dropsy and ascites. All excretions (like sweat and urine) are markedly diminished. There is great thirst for cold water during dropsy but 'water causes pain or is thrown off'. The patient is chilly. It is a good remedy in dropsy following suppression of various excretions like urine, sweat, menses, etc. It is compared with Acet-ac, Apis and Ars.

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Exercise 50

The most important feature of this remedy is great debility, emaciation, and anemia. There is fainting, difficult breathing and weakness of heart. Face is pale and emaciated. Another important aspect of this remedy is dropsical affections. Dropsy is accompanied by great thirst. There is 'intense, burning, insatiable' thirst (but no thirst in fever). < Lying on the back. > Lying on the abdomen.

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