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Exercises 31 – 40

Exercise 31

It is one of the useful remedies in hay fever. There is a persistent violent sneezing with itching and tingling in the nose. 'Spasmodic sneezing; runny nose'. The patient is chilly and sensitive to cold. < odour of flowers. Even thinking of flowers evokes an allergic response. In the mental sphere, the patient has erroneous notions about himself. He may imagine himself sick. Or, he may think that parts of his body have been disfigured; shrunken, swollen, etc. One of its famous mental symptoms is the 'illusion that she has some horrible throat disease that will be fatal'. Worse thinking of complaints.

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Exercise 32

The patient loves praise. The most prominent mental symptom is 'longing for the good opinion of others'. He or she is oversensitive to what people think about him/her. The patient is easily offended and feels that she is being neglected. It is mostly a right-sided remedy. It has also a good affinity for the right ovary with a pain that is > company, > flexing thigh, > lying on left side, < after menses, < motion. 'Itching changing place on scratching'.

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Exercise 33

It is famous as the 'Cold Lachesis'. The patient is loquacious and jumps from one subject to another (but is not sharp-tongued like Lach.). She is in a sad mood, 'as if enveloped in a black cloud'. It is a good remedy for puerperal and climacteric problems. The patient is chilly and is < from profuse menstrual flow (Reverse of Lach!) 'Stiffness and contraction in neck and back, so that she can't turn her head'.

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Exercise 34

It is one of the most important remedies for milk intolerance in infants. (<MILK) Milk is vomited in large curds. There is a violent vomiting and after that, the child goes into a severe prostration and then to sleep. After waking up, he/she wants to have the milk again and the cycle repeats. It is also useful in childhood convulsions esp. during dentition. The patient is weak with blue pallor around the lips and linea nasalis. Withdrawal from society and love for animals are other important aspects.

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Exercise 35

It is one of the important liver remedies of our materia medica. There is pain and uncomfortable fullness in the region of the liver. Pains are aggravated by motion. 'Dragging pain in right hypochondrium when lying on left side'. It is also one of the best remedies in headaches that end in the vomiting of bile (J.T.Kent reports that he has cured many cases of this kind) It can cure 'Terrible attacks of gallstone colic' when the symptoms agree. 'Jaundice; dull headache, bitter taste in mouth, and white tongue [esp. in middle with red tip and edges]'.

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Exercise 36

It is mostly indicated in nervous, excitable patients. There is a marked aversion and aggravation by the presence of strangers. All symptoms are aggravated in company (anxiety, cough, etc.). The patient is very sensitive to the presence of strangers during stool. The patient has the delusion of 'being laughed at' and is averse to smiling faces. '< from music' is also an important modality. It is one of the useful remedies in premature senility in old people.

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Exercise 37

It mostly affects the heart and circulation. There is a 'sensation as if heart would stop beating if she moved'. There is a marked aggravation from motion but he must walk about. Slow pulse is a prominent concomitant with the ailments. Pulse may be weak, slow, and irregular. There is fear of death during heart affections and while walking. 'Nausea is not > by vomiting' (Like Ip.) 'Dreams of falling'.

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Exercise 38

This is a famous remedy for influenza. The patient is in a febrile state. Chill begins in 'small of the back'. The patient is thirsty and desires cold drinks and ice cream. Perspiration is usually absent. Pains 'as if bones were broken'. Intense backache 'as if broken'. There is great restlessness. Chilliness and nausea are also prominent. 'Chill during vomiting'.

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Exercise 39

It is mostly indicated in children. The child is irritable and quarrelsome. He or she tosses all night. 'Indisposition to play'. Restlessness during stool is an important symptom. Very sour discharges. Stools, breath, vomit, and perspiration are all sour. Colic is better by doubling up. A peculiar symptom is 'bubbling sensation' in the body. < dentition.

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Exercise 40

The spleen is mostly affected by this remedy. There is a deep cutting pain with sensation of fullness in the left hypochondrium. Enormous splenomegaly that may be associated with hepatomegaly. The patient is unable to lie on the left side. It is useful in ailments dependent upon malaria when the symptoms agree. 'Low-spirited, fears he will become unfit for work'.

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