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Exercises 21 – 30

Exercise 21

One of the famous aspects of this remedy is hemorrhage. Hemorrhages are 'slow, oozing, of dark thin blood'. There is a decrease in the rate of coagulation of the blood. Blood may not clot. There may even be bloody sweat. Heart is also affected. There is a feeling of trembling in the heart. 'As if heart were loose; turns over'. It is often indicated in septic and malignant conditions when the symptoms agree. The patient is deathly sick, tremulous, weak, and sad with weeping mood.

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Exercise 22

It is one of the hysterical remedies. The patient is nervous and oversensitive. Anxiety, restlessness and faintness are predominant.'Hysteria after sudden suppresion of discharges' Throat symptoms are important. There is globus hystericus with a rising sensation.'Ball rises from stomach up throat; obliging frequent swallowing to keep it down'. Spasm and suffocative feeling in throat. There is also a sensation of spasmodic tightness in chest, 'as if lungs could not be fully expanded'. There is severe flatulence causing explosive eructations 'smelling like garlic'. There may be great difficulty in bringing up the wind. <night and <touch are two important modalities of this remedy.

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Exercise 23

The main area of action of this remedy is the alimentary tract. There is a severe, intense burning from esophagus to stomach. The intense, deathly nausea is felt in the mouth, chest and abdomen. Anything that touches the lips excites nausea. There is vomiting of sour, yellow and black matter. Black vomit is a characteristic feature.'Tongue shows traces of black vomit' The patient experiences extreme prostration with chilliness and coldness. Cold sweat of face. One of the important modalities is aggravation from motion. The patient wants to keep still. Two other important abdominal symptoms of this remedy are 'Lancinations in left hypochondrium' and 'Pain and pulsation in sides of the abdomen'.

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Exercise 24

It is mostly used in children. 'Child is good all day, but screams and is restless and troublesome at night'. Weeping during sleep. There is a cutting colic before and during stool which is also aggravated at night. Watery, sour stools are common. 'Great disposition to perspiration of head and upper parts of the body'.

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Exercise 25

The most important feature of this remedy is its flushings of heat. Flushing starts from face, stomach, different parts of the body, and is followed by hot and profuse perspiration. After the perspiration there is great prostration. Lower parts are icy cold. There is a feeling of constriction in the throat extending to the chest causing dyspnea with desire to eructate.'Choking feeling in throat on each side of trachea along the carotids'. There is severe throbbing of the carotids. The patient is better by uncovering and with fresh, cold air. This remedy is mostly indicated in the climacteric period.

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Exercise 26

The gastrointestinal system is most affected by this remedy. Great thirst for cold drinks, but all is vomited when stomach becomes full; or vomited as soon as it reaches the stomach. 'Food retained longer'. Vomiting is accompanied by prostration and flatulence. The surface of the body is warm and covered with warm sweat. The patient cannot bear solitude. There is a great desire for company.'Child clings to the mother'.

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Exercise 27

Respiratory system is mostly affected by this remedy. 'Rattling of mucous with little expectoration' is the prominent feature. There is great accumulation of mucus with coarse rattling. This accumulation causes suffocative shortness of breath leading to gasping and cyanosis. The patient becomes better by sitting erect or if he/she expectorates. There is great weakness, drowsiness and debility. Profuse sweat and increasing weakness. Mentally the patient is sad and irritable.'Can't bear to be looked at'.

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Exercise 28

Gastro-intestinal system and skin are mostly affected by this remedy. Diarrhea in the form of copious watery stools is a famous feature. Watery stool 'always forcibly shot out' and gurgling in the intestines.'Stools pouring out like water from a hydrant'. Evacuation is almost always sudden and forcible. It is very useful in summer diarrheas. There may be eczema over the whole body. Intense itching 'but scratching is painful'. A peculiar sensation of this remedy is the 'feeling as if parts were drawn backwards'. For example, he feels as if a string were pulling the eyeball back into head'.

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Exercise 29

It mostly acts on the GI tract and produces a diarrhea very similar to Croton tiglium. Thin, yellow or green stools come out in 'prolonged gushes'. There is rumbling in the bowels which is followed by sudden forcible stools. 'Gurgling in abdomen, as of fluid running from a bottle'. Stool may be preceded by 'excessive cutting around umbilicus'. There is great burning and heat in the anus during stool. The patient is > after stool.

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Exercise 30

Mucous membranes of eyes, nose, and chest are mostly affected by this remedy. Most ailments like hay fever, headache, influenza, and acute conjuctivitis are accompanied by acrid lachrymation and bland coryza. Lachrymation is almost always abundant, acrid, and smarting. There is severe burning in the eyes leading to winking. Cough, with large quantities of mucus, is only at daytime and is > lying down at night. The patient is < evening and > bathing of affected parts.

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