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Exercises 11 – 20

Exercise 11

It is mostly indicated in women, especially unmarrieds. Uterus and ovaries are the main organs affected. Full, heavy, forced out feeling runs through the body; uterus, ovaries, heart,... There are bearing down pains with urgency for stool, 'as if organs would escape'. The patient is often depressed and anxious about her salvation. Hurry is a prominent feature; she desires to do several things at once. 'Religious affections alternating with sexual excitement' is an important mental symptom of this remedy.

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Exercise 12

Nausea and vertigo are important features of this remedy. There is a terrible sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach. There is also an incessant nausea which causes the patient to vomit from least motion. Nausea is almost always accompanied by vertigo and cold sweat. Vertigo is intense and is worse opening the eyes, on rising or looking upwards, and is better open, fresh air. There is also death like pallor, icy coldness of the body, and intermittent pulse. As one may predict, it is a good remedy for seasickness. There is a feeling of coldness in the abdomen but the patient 'wants abdomen uncovered'.

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Exercise 13

It is famous for its affections of the chest wall and also in delirium tremens. There are stitching, stabbing and shooting pains in different parts of the body, especially in the chest. Sore, bruised feeling in chest which is aggravated by touch, motion, and turning the body. Pains are so severe that they bring tears. There is also feeling of coldness, esp. externally in the chest, which may occur when walking in the open air. Sometimes feels as if there are cold wet clothes upon the chest. Because of the above symptoms it is a good remedy for post-herpetic neuralgia. One of the most important modalities is worse in wet, stormy weather. It is also a good remedy to remove the bad effects of alcohol, and also symptoms of delirium tremens such as spasmodic hiccough and epileptiform attacks.

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Exercise 14

A good remedy in septic states accompanied by intense restlessness. There is a quick oscillating temperature. Also profuse hot sweat during intense heat which does not cause a fall in temperature. There is a sore, bruised feeling all over the body. Bed feels too hard. Besides restlessness, a severe prostration exists. All discharges of the body are very offensive. One of its peculiar signs is the discordant pulse. Pulse is abnormally rapid which is out of proportion to the temperature (or reverse).

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Exercise 15

It is mostly a female remedy. One of its main features in females is 'Awful burning, as from a red hot coal in the pelvis with discharge of clots of blood having a foul smell'. All discharges are profuse, acrid, hot, and foul. Offensive, acrid and yellow leucorrhoea which stains the linen and causes violent itching of the genitalia. One of the other commonly affected parts are the gums. Gums are puffy, bluish, spongy, and bleed. There is also a rapid decay of teeth. Restlessness, esp. after midnight, is a prominent mental symptom.

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Exercise 16

It mostly affects the respiratory system. There are 'periodical fits of rapid, deep barking or choking, prolonged, and incessant cough'. Cough comes in paroxysms which are repeated frequently. Cough seems to come from the abdomen and are followed by retching and vomiting. Paroxysms are worse after midnight. There may be severe dyspnea with blueness of the face and lips. Mentally, the patient is anxious, especially at night and when alone. Delusions of persecution is an important mental feature. Clinically, it is a famous remedy in the treatment of whooping cough and tuberculosis of lung and larynx.

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Exercise 17

It is often indicated in low vitality states. There is sudden debility and blunting of senses. Faintness with 'Pale, blue face and cold limbs'. Heart and lungs are mostly affected. Pulse is irregular and there are suffocative spells about the heart worse sitting and better lying down. The least physical exertion causes dyspnea and cyanosis. The patient gasps for air. There may be loss of speech, loss of memory or even loss of consciousness. It is a good remedy for asphyxia neonatorum. One of its peculiar symptoms is 'Drinks roll audibly through oesophagus and intestines'.

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Exercise 18

Gastro-intestinal system is mostly affected by this remedy. There is congestion in the rectum, liver, colon, and pelvis causing sensations of fullness and heaviness in these parts. There is a feeling of heavy dragging, as of a load. Hemorrhoids may protrude like grapes and are very sore and tender (better cold applications). One of its peculiar features is a sense of insecurity in the rectum and anus. There is rumbling in the bowels which is followed by a sudden urging for stool. Usually there is a sputtering stool. Stool may escape unnoticed. Aggravation from heat is a prominent modality.

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Exercise 19

It is one of the remedies most sensitive to NOISE. There is a sensitivity to slightest noise and also aggravation from it. 'It penetrates the body, esp. teeth'. 'Noise seems to strike on painful spots over the body'. Noise causes nausea, chills, and pains all over the body. Aggravation from least motion and jar are important modalities. The least motion causes nausea and vomiting. There is also sensitiveness of spine to least jar and noise. Closing the eyes aggravates the patients' complaints. For example it may agg. the nausea and vomiting. It is mostly indicated in hysterical cases esp. during puberty, pregnancy, and climaxis.

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Exercise 20

The nervous system and respiratory organs are mostly affected by this remedy. Severe weakness and debility is a prominent feature. This weakness is felt in different parts of the body like the chest, throat, stomach, upper arms, and thighs. There is severe muscular weakness but a peculiar aspect of this remedy is that the patient feels the weakness much more going down the stairs than going upstairs. 'It is more difficult to sit down than to rise up'. There is a feeling of weakness after using the voice. There is 'difficult, weak speech resulting from weakness especially in the chest'.

In affections of the respiratory system, there is copious and easy expectoration. There is a feeling of weakness in the chest. After the expectoration and talking, the patient feels that the chest is deprived of its contents. 'Pains come gradually and go gradually'. Weakness is also apparent in the mental sphere. The patient cannot answer questions on account of weakness. He or she may be anxious, nervous, or sad.

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