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Exercises 1 – 10

Exercise 1

One of the important aspects of this remedy is venous congestion, especially in the pelvic organs. This property has made it a famous remedy for hemorrhoids. The patient has a sensation of fullness, heat, and intense pain in the rectum, which remains a long time after stool. Large hemorrhoids block the rectum but there is usually no bleeding.

One of the important symptoms of this remedy is a sensation as if the rectum is full of small sticks. It has also good effects on the nose and throat. There is a sensation of heat, dryness, rawness, fullness, and stiffness in the throat with frequent inclination to swallow. It is useful in colds with upper throat symptoms, especially when nose and throat are sensitive to inspired air.

The inspired air feels cold and causes burning and rawness in the upper respiratory mucous membranes. This remedy is not famous in the mental sphere, but its most important mental symptom is dullness on waking in the morning.

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Exercise 2

One of the most important aspects of this remedy is aggravation from mental exertion. After a hard period of mental activity, there is a breakdown. The patient cannot study or collect his thoughts. There is a severe prostration after the least mental activity. He or she experiences a prominent mental prostration following a little reading or writing. Besides the weakness of mental faculty, sexual desire is increased and can even lead to lasciviousness or satyriasis. During priapism, the penis is so distended that it feels as though it would burst.

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Exercise 3

This remedy is often classified under hysterical remedies. Fainting is the most important symptom. The patient faints easily. The least excitement causes fainting. There is an alternation of mood as in uncontrollable laughter alternating with weeping. It is seen in obstinate and selfish girls with alternating mood and inclination to faint. One of its other symptoms is sensitiveness to cold air. Air feels too cold. Other important symptoms are: 'Hysteria before menses', 'Transient unconsciousness', 'Scolds until the lips are blue and eyes stare and she falls down fainting'.

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Exercise 4

Collapse and icy coldness of the body are prominent features of this remedy. The patient becomes icy cold but the strange point is that he or she is averse to being covered (kicks the covers off). Paleness and lucidity are also important aspects of this remedy. Typical presentation: 'An exhausted, chilly, cold patient with pale face and livid lips, severe weakness and prostration with cold breath'. Cramps are also common. This remedy is especially famous for coldness of limbs with cramping of calves. It is useful in Cholera when the symptoms agree.

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Exercise 5

It is very useful in neuralgia and gastro-intestinal affections. Neuralgic pains are cutting and are better by pressure. Facial and sciatic nerves are most susceptible to be affected. Abdominal pains are often paroxysmal, violent, and cutting forcing the patient to bend double (>). Abdominal pains are also better by hard pressure. One of the important features of this remedy is aggravation from anger, vexation and emotions. Anger and mortification may be the exciting cause. For example, after anger there is an abdominal pain with the aforementioned modalities.

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Exercise 6

It is mostly indicated in fat, sluggish, and cold patients. One of the important sensations running through the remedy is a 'burning sensation'. Burning pains accompanied by general chilliness is an important feature. The patient is sensitive to slight draft, esp. cold air. In the mental sphere, irritability during chill and homesickness are important symptoms.

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Exercise 7

Constriction is one of the most important features of this remedy. Constriction may be felt in different parts--heart, throat, chest, rectum, vagina,... When heart is affected, the patient feels the constriction as an iron band. 'Heart feels clutched and released alternatively by an iron band'. 'Lying on left side aggravates' is an important modality. The patient is sad and has a weeping mood.

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Exercise 8

The most famous feature of this remedy is premature senility and impotence resulting from abuse of sexual power. After a long period of high sexual activity, there is a breakdown; loss of energy, depression, impotence. Memory is impaired. Comprehension is poor. He has to read a sentence twice to understand. One of the important symptoms is 'Drawing pain along spermatic cords'.

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Exercise 9

Constant nausea not ameliorated by vomiting is the main feature of this remedy. One of the accompanying signs is clean or slightly coated tongue. It is also indicated in spasmodic suffocating cough with vomiting and dyspnoea; the patient is pale, gasps for air, and is aggravated by least motion.

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Exercise 10

The main feature is the depression of sensorium. Dullness, apathy, and unconsciousness. It is one of the good coma remedies. There is wanting of all sensorial and motor functions. 'Muscles do not obey the will'. When the level of consciousness is intact, the patient may be indifferent to loved ones and anhedonic. Aversion to apples is a prominent symptom. It is well indicated in conditions associated with meningitis and hydrocephalus.

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