Thomas L Bradford

Let Me Explain

Hello, Thomas Lindsley Bradford here.

Many people revere the historical work I did as unsurpassed. But of course, I died in 1918, and much has happened since then for our beloved healing art.

This Timeline unveils the history of homeopathy from Hahnemann through the present day. Let me explain the way each of the nine pages is organized, so you can gain optimum value from your time here.

Biographies & Schools
on the Left Side

On the left we have the birth dates of many important figures - and a growing number of these entries also have a link, so you can read a more in-depth biography if you choose.

Various important events are also listed here on the left, as well as the founding dates for many schools.

Books & Countries
on the Right Side

The publication dates of important books and journals are on the right.

Another feature you will find here are short sketches on the history of homeopathy in various countries. Fascinating stuff, I think.

I hope you enjoy your visit with WHN, and if you see an inacccuracy or have materials that could be of value, be sure to let them know. And by the way, my biography is listed under 1847