The Eizayaga Layers Model

by Julian Winston

Having seen Eizayaga in one of his first USA seminars, I'll share his thinking with you. It is a fascinating model, and one which I've used to explain "health and disease" to allopathically-oriented people.

Eizayaga sees this as a triangle; point down, with divisions running across the triangle parallel to the base. He had "birth" as the wide base on top, and "death" as the point on bottom.


Division 1: The Soil (the terrain).

This is the genetic heritage the person brings into life - disposition to allergies, and to illness later on. Remedies that affect this level are Nosodes. Sometimes this level has to be treated, sometimes not.

Division 2: The Constitutional.

This is what the person is when they are born. These things can't be changed-- the bone structure, build, color of skin, color of eyes, hair, etc. There are few remedies that work here. Most babies are fat, sweaty, and like milk. Most fit Calc carb. Some which are hot and dry, may need Sulphur. Some need Phosphorus. Some need a mix - as seen in Calc phos., Calc sulph.

Division 3: The Fundamental.

This is a "layer" that comes in life. The baby cries. The mother says to herself, "I'm too busy right now, he'll learn to wait." The baby says, "I cry and she doesn't come. I am abandoned" - and becomes a clingy, whining Pulsatilla. These "layers" can build on each other - the loss of a friend in school may lead to the withdrawal of Nat mur, etc.

So far, NONE of these stages are treatable with conventional medicine. There is NO disease. Only homeopathy can help restore balance.

Division 4: Lesional
(treatable, reversable, curable)

Now the person starts to exhibit physical pathology. At this point conventional medicine may think it can help. This layer, with homeopathy, can be cured to the point of the pathology being removed.

Division 5: Lesional
(treatable, non-reversable, semi-curable)

In this category we find cases of tuberculosis where damage done to the lung cannot be reversed, or of alcoholics with severe liver damage. The process can be treated and cured, but the organic damage cannot be reversed. The patient's health is compromised.

Division 6: Lesional
(non-treatable, non-reversable, palliation)

The physical pathology is too far gone. All homeopathy can offer is palliation.


Eizayaga stressed that the mistake many "Kentians" make is giving the Fundamental remedy instead of the Lesional remedy. The example he uses is that of a sweet woman, easily moved to tears, coming with menstrual problems characterized by a stringy discharge.

If you treat the Fundamental (i.e., Pulsatilla) she will feel better, but the discharge will remain. The Lesion MUST be treated first (Kali-bi), and then the Fundamental.

The great "miracle cures" happen when the Lesional and Fundamental ARE the same remedy - then *everything* gets better. But treating only the Fundamental will not cure the Lesional if they are in need of different remedies.

So, first cure the Lesional, then the Fundamental. Then, maybe the *next* underlying Fundamental - until you either get to the Constitutional, or you run into a block and have to go to the "Terrain" and clear that up first.

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