Homeopathy in Egypt

Homeopathy in Egypt

Dr Benoit Mure was the first homeopath in Egypt and the Sudan in 1851. There were also French homeopaths in the Mahgreb regions. The 1931 Directory lists practitioners in Rhodesia (1), Natal (1), the Congo (2), Kenya (1), Liberia (1), and Egypt (2).

Homeopathy's presence in Egypt stayed minimal until the early 1990s. A British homeopath named Cassandra Marks came to Cairo and met Dr. Hoda Zikry, who practiced medicine in Heliopolis. Hoda began studying homeopathy with Marks applied what she learned with her patients.

A year or so later, Abdul Hayy Holdijk started a correspondence course with Misha Norland's School of Homeopathy in Devon, but found this method of learning to be frustrating. But soon things improved for homeopathy instruction.

Progress came through collaboration between Dr. Hassan Abbas Zaki (former minister of economics and long-time promoter of alternative healing) and Carol Boyce (who ran a charity called Homeopathy for Change, dedicated to helping spread homeopathy in developing countries.)

Every two months, Homeopathy for Change brought qualified homeopaths to teach in Egypt for 10-day periods. And so, for the next three years, classes were held at the Imhotep Society with about 25 people attending.

The visiting teachers were: Carol Boyce, Ian Watson, Robin Murphy, Margaret Roy, Dorothy Wallstein, Linda Shannon, Michael Thompson, Gabriela Rieberer, Cassandra Marks, and Subramata Banerjea.

Unfortunately, the charity itself was not in a position to continue their work. But in 1998, one of the first students, Linda Allam, asked Peter Chappell to visit Egypt.

As a result, London International College of Homeopathy began a 2-year diploma course that produced 35 qualified practitioners. Following this success, Abdul Hayy Holdijk began a second, 3-year course, in cooperation with the Lakeland College of Homeopathy in the UK.

Dr. Mahmoud Saeed, a professor of pharmacology at Tanta University, has been instrumental in gaining Ministry of Higher Education approval for a postgraduate CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) department in their Faculty of Medicine. Homeopathy and herbalism will be the two core disciplines for this department.

Dr Saeed also helped to create the new Society of Homeopathy in Egypt. Its aim is to increase awareness of homeopathy and to help remedies become available, over-the-counter, throughout the country.