David Little is an American living in India with his family. He has done an in depth study of the original microfiches of the Hahnemann's Paris Casebooks, especially those from the years 1840-1843 when Hahnemann used both the higher potency C and LM potency.

David has graciously given us permission to publish a number of his articles that explore the clinical success and homeopathic wisdom that have grown out of his studies.

Index of David Little's Articles

Hahnemann's Advanced Methods

An introduction to the revolutionary works of Samuel Hahnemann's last 10 years (1833-1843).

The Refining of a Paradigm

This article details a critical fourteen-year period during which Hahnemann perfected the healing art of homeopathy.

Comparison of C and LM Potency

This article explores Hahnemann's later approach, as recorded in the 5th and 6th Organon, a powerful development beyond the single dry dose 'wait and watch' method of the 4th Organon.

Miasms in Classical Homeopathy

In this article David Little looks at managing a complex chronic case by paying attention to the primary, latent and secondary states of the fundamental miasms. After presenting an insightful overview of miasms in general, the article concludes with the report of a cured Sycosis case.