Digital Homeopathy Illustration

Section 6

The BRIT Team

For several years now we at the BRIT Team have been doing research on the use of digital homeopathy and we have seen remarkable results with our patients.

Using our own custom chamber we've developed a unique process of capturing the vibrational signatures of remedies, supplements, foods, etc. The resulting digital remedies have more harmonics and a higher frequency range than has ever been captured.

This translates to the most accurate "digital representation" of remedies and supplements in the world.

We have also researched the best methods for delivering these digital remedies to the patient. Using a simple bioresonance device we can imprint the remedies to a bottle of water and even a cream that can be put on the skin.

Our custom designed SYNERGY software system also makes it simple to create a digital remedy as an MP3 "song" and delivered to the patient via an iPOD, PDA, or computer.

We've already learned from Benveniste's work that the human ear can interpret frequencies up to 20,000 Hz. So in order to take advantage of the higher frequency ranges and corresponding harmonics of our digital remedies, we also use a resonant light to deliver the digital information using radio frequencies. LED devices and lasers can also be used as a delivery system for the digital remedies.

If you would like to learn more about our research in digital homeopathy, send us an email at

Scott Flowers
Cleveland, OH USA

Dr. Morris Zubkewych
Toronto, Ontario Canada
(416) 762-7591