Homeopathy in Czech Republic

Homeopathy in the Czech Republic

Until World War II only some German doctors practiced homeopathy on Czech territory. Dr. Quin, founder of British homeopathy, practiced a short time in Tisnov, a small town. A Catholic homeopathic hospital existed at Kromeriz since 1860. During the communist era of 1948-89 homeopathy was prohibited.

Until 1991 no books about homeopathy were published in the Czech language. The first books- about 20 titles including the Organon, Kent's Repertory, Boericke Materia Medica, Allen's Keynotes, Pulford's Materia Medica- were published by Alternativa Publishing house in 1991. A Czech translation of Murphy's Repertory will be published in 1999.

The Czech Homeopathic Medical Chamber is only for MDs and is focused on symptomatic prescribing according to Boiron's school. It has about 1000 members. The Czech Medical Homeopathic Society is focused on classical homeopathy and is only for MDs. It has about 300 members.

The only specialized journal is Classical Homeopathy, a quarterly published by Alternativa. The School of Classical Homeopathy was organized by Alternativa six years ago. For the first three years it was run in conjunction with the Faculty of Homeopathy in London. It was only for MDs. Now it is open to anyone. The teachers are Czech, with overseas guests. It is a three-year weekend school.

There is a school at Kromeriz in Moravia, where Austrian doctors hold lectures for five days, once a year and in 1982 a course of Hahnemann's Foundation at Brno started, in conjunction with the College of Classical Homeopathy in London.

Homeopathy is recognized by law and it is legal for both MDs and professionals to practice, but non-MDs cannot give a remedy directly, they can only recommend to buy and take. About 3,000 doctors give symptomatic remedies. About 1,000 doctors and professionals practice classical homeopathy. None of the medical doctors use homeopathy exclusively because the insurance companies do not pay for homeopathic treatment. Most pharmacies carry a line of remedies by Boiron.