Homeopathy in Croatia

Homeopathy in Croatia

Until the war in 1991, the only homeopathy practiced was anthroposophic in its direction. It was strongly influenced by Dr. Klara Zupic Dajceva, who learned Rudolf Steiner's methods from Steiner himself. After the war she began to teach homeopathy to medical students in Zagreb who were also interested in anthroposophy.

A group of people from a spiritual organization in Switzerland (Sathya Sai Organisation) came to Croatia in 1992. Two of the group were homeopaths who came to Rijeka and gave seminars in the evenings for two years.

After the first two years in this region, they presented a two-year series of seminars in Split where there were many medical doctors in the audience. The London College of Homeopathy began a two-year course of classical homeopathy in Zagreb and in Split. The Zagreb course recently finished and 100 certificates have been awarded to participants. About half the participants are doctors.

A course has been operating in Rijeka for three years, but its teaching combines acupuncture with homeopathic remedies. There are two homeopathic associations in Zagreb, one in Split, and one in Rijeka. The Croatian Association of Homeopaths was formed and registered in 1987. They plan to change their name to The Croatian Association of Classical Homeopaths to distinguish their organization from other alternative healing practices.

Pharmacies have started to sell combination remedies. Labels state that "no curative effects have been proved." There are no laws forbidding the practice of homeopathy, but that does not mean homeopathy has been legalized. Currently it can be practiced by both medical doctors and non-medical practitioners.