Part 8: Review of the C and LM Pharmacy

The following is a review of the C and LM pharmacy by potency actions, rather than comparison of the amount of original substance left in the dilution.

  1. The Low Potencies 30c, 24c, 18c., 12c, 6c., 3c. The 30c is the median potency between the low and high potency systems and has some of the qualities of both.
  2. The High Potencies.
A. The high potency Centesimals 200c and 1M (opening potencies), and the higher centesimal potencies 10M, 50M, CM, etc. (rarely used for opening a case).

B. The 50 Millesimals, the opening potencies, LM 0/1, 0/2, 0/3, 0/4,0/5, 0/6, 0/7. The middle range (rarely used for opening a case) LM 0/8, 0/9, 0/10 and the higher LM potencies, 0/11 to 0/30.

One of the first times Hahnemann tested the LM potency in 1840 he gave the 0/10! This caused a strong aggravation in the gentleman. He then gave the patient a placebo and waited and watched. After the aggravation had subsided, the Founder lowered the potency degree to avoid further aggravations.

In his last years Hahnemann tended to begin cases with LM 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 but occasionally opened a case with 0/4., 0/5., 0/6, 0/7. The medicinal solution is suitable for both the split-dose, and when needed, the split-dose given at suitable intervals to speed the cure.

I hope this material is useful to the homoeopathic community.

Similia Minimus
Sincerely, David

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