Part 5: Administering the LM Potencies

The 3c is called the mother of all potencies because it is the root of the centesimal scale and LM potency scale. The LM base potency is made from the 3c potency. Hahnemann's low potencies were the 6c, 12, 24, 30, and his high potencies reached 50c to 200c and the LM 0/1 to 0/30.

In some ways, the LM potencies possess many of the positive qualities of both  low and high potencies in balance.

The lower degrees of the LM potency are deeper acting then the 6c to 30c but they are also more gentle than 200c or 1M on the constitution. They reach a depth of cure without producing the overly strong primary actions and rapid aggravations like the high Cs. They have the stability and consistency of the low potency C's but the power to cure deep chronic diseases and miasms like the high potencies.

One can tell from Hahnemann's Paris journals that the Founder considered the LM 0/1 a higher potency than 30c as he sometimes started people with a 30c for the acute and then switched to the LM potency for the chronic conditions.

Also if the lower potencies up to 30c were insufficient, he would then switch to the LM scale and work upward. In some cases, he began with an anti-psoric in 30c and then moved over to the LMs.

He also stated in the Organon that the 50,000 to 1 dilution ratio is more powerful than the 100/1 ratio even at the lowest degrees. One reason is that many succussions can be used without "forcing" any excess energy into the pharmaceutical solution.

The LMs are not a "low potency" remedy that can be given daily or every other day for weeks in some mechanical fashion. They aggravate just like all other homoeopathic remedies if misused.

I know this personally because I aggravated a number of cases in the beginning of my LM career. I quickly found out that the LM 0/1 would aggravate certain sensitive patients and those with organic pathology.

In general, aggravations caused by LMs are of a shorter duration than the high centesimal potencies. This is another reason they are safer then the ultra high potency centesimals in many conditions.

The LM potency has the best qualities of the high and low potency without the aggressive primary actions of the Cs.

If the patient will over react to the action of potencies higher then 30c it is best to use the lower potency Cs like 6c, 12c, 24c, 30c. I tend to use the lower centesimal potencies in medicinal solution and the split-dose where I fear aggravations, pathology, and crisis. Then I work my way up to the 30c and change to the LM 0/1 and go through the LM scale.

These people do not do very well on 200c, 1M, etc. In fact, many of them are incurable by the centesimal potency system alone. Hahnemann used this method also, although I did not confirm this fact until I studied his casebooks many years later.

It is a false claim to say that the LMs cannot aggravate so they can be given daily or every other day for weeks, months and years. Some suggest giving potencies like LM 0/6, LM18, or some other odd potency daily rather than using the complete graduated potency scale 0/1 to 0/30 in an artistic manner.

The Paris casebooks show that Hahnemann never gave his remedies in such a mechanistic manner!

The healing artist takes into account the constitutional sensitivity or the nature of the disease so they individualize their dose and potency properly. Mechanical methods are prone to over medication.

Some use the LM potency but they do not understand how to apply the appropriate case management strategies contained in the 6th Organon and Paris casebooks in the clinic.

Only When Necessary

In the footnote to aphorism 247 Hahnemann discusses what he said in the 5th Organon updated with the new LM posology methods of the 6th edition. When he introduces the concept of the daily dose he says that the LM potency may be taken daily "when necessary".

He also suggested starting the case with the "lowest degrees", which his Paris casebooks show to be 0/1 to 0/3, and more rarely, 0/4, 0/5, 0/6, 0/7. This is the first octave of LM potencies with the LM 0/8 starting the next range.

When the daily dose is "not necessary" it will rapidly produce an over medicated state in which there will be aggravations or accessory symptoms that change the natural symptom pattern.

Hahnemann rarely used the daily dose for very long and always interspersed his doses with a period of placebo and a period of waiting and watching. The idea that Hahnemann gave the daily dose of the LMs for months or years is a complete myth as proven by his writings and Paris case journals.

The LM potency will cause aggravations and accessory symptoms just like every other homoeopathic remedy.

The Paris casebooks show that Hahnemann constantly alternated placebos with the remedy to control the power of the LM remedies. In his journals he never gave the alternate day dose for very long without a period of giving placebos and waiting and watching.

The 6th Organon offers a guidebook on how to use the LM potency scale safely and effectively through opening in the lowest degrees (0/1., 0/2., 0/3, etc.) and then ascending through the potency range (0/30).

Hahnemann's opening potencies were 0/1 to 0/7. In most cases he started with LM 0/1., 0/2., 0/3 in his last years. LMs must be treated with the same respect as all high potencies like 60c, 90c, 100c and 200c. The mechanical repetition of the LM potency will lead to over medication just like any other homoeopathic medicine.

There is quite a bit of misunderstanding on this point. Over medication always causes side effects, changes the natural symptom pattern, and slows down the cure.

There are many times when a low potency like 30c can only palliate yet the 200c causes unproductive aggravations that weaken the vitality. This is because the pathology is too deep for the low potency (6c-30c), and the high potencies (200c-1M) only cause aggravations without amelioration and loss of vitality.

In such cases, the LM potency will cure when the centesimal potency will only palliate or cause harm. This is an area where the LMs act more gently and safely than high potency Cs if carefully adjusted. The LM potency is also useful in the elderly where the high potency C's may be counter productive but cure is still possible.

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